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What are the most popular classes offered?

There isn't really a popular class offered per se. We all have to take a group of core classes, regardless of major, so I guess you could say those are pretty popular. Everyone here is into their own college within the University and so there are popular professors but not necessarily popular classes. This doesn't mean that you cannot take electives. In fact your required to take 18 credits worth (6 classes or so depending on the weight of the class). Since there are so many required classes for certain majors/schools (for example, I'm in the college of business) there are professors that are more popular than others, so in a sense those are the popular classes.

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I'm a Poli Sci major and keep kicking myself for not being able to take this class. It's taught by one of my favorite profs, Dr. John McAdams. It pretty much covers all of the different theories regarding Kennedy's death. Super awesome and highly recommended, even if you're not Poli Sci.

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