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What do students complain about most?

Our food distributor, Sodexo, is the bain of the underclassmen's existence. The food just is not good. While MU has tried to step it up in the past few years, for example remodeling Marquette Place to feature six new food counters, it still isn't very appetizing. They have also made the meal swipes program more strict so you can only eat in certain blocks of time. It gets better once you're off-campus, plus great restaurants in the area. As a girl, I hate the fact that we do not have Diet Coke (Pepsi only, eeeeek)!

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The student's main complaint is that the food in McCormick dining hall isn't good. In reality, the food is just alright, but it si the worst place to eat on campus. It's fine for lunch etc, and there's many other choices.

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