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What's the dating scene like?

So there is this myth that if you marry someone from Marquette, you most likely met them at the Freshman Square Dance during orientation. I, however, have yet to see this theory be proven. I have to say that Marquette is not exactly a "dating" school, at least from what I can tell. My few friends who are in serious relationships have been together either since high school (ew) or early since freshman year. Everyone has they're little flings here and there, but no one takes it too seriously. For me personally, it has been great, since I love living the single life. You can definitely find someone if you're looking, but if not, it's great just to get those crazy college experiences out of your system ;)

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How different is dating at a Catholic University? This video gives you a glimpse into the dating scene at Marquette. Dating isn't that different at MU. When you're a lower class men you tend to live in more of a hook up culture. As you get older more people focus on relationships. There are some ideas for date spots and popular spots to meet people on campus.

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i honestly dont know too many people in relationships. But everyone is on good terms with everyone else.

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