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What's the Greek scene like?

Ah, finally a question relating directly to my daily life. You guessed it, I'm a sorority girl. Now before you judge, Marquette is not your typical "Greek" school. It is NOTHING like what you see on the screen. We only have five social sororities and three associate sororities. Each of the social sororities have anywhere between 70-90 women at any time. There are also eight frats. Quite honestly, we pretend that we're a bigger deal than we're not, I admit, we only make up about 12% of the campus. But I chose to join a sorority to find a new group and friends and something to get involved in and it has really paid off. Trust me when I say there is absolutley no hazing, minimal competition, and no Greek Row :( The frats can take them selves pretty seriously, but it happens. We don't have crazy parties, but we do live in Thrill-waukee, so who can blame us for having some fun?

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This is definitely not a Greek focused school. The participation in Greek Life is less than 10% of the student body, so don't feel obligated to join. This said, they are a GREAT organization on campus. The rushing process is not the stereotype. The groups are mostly focused on being charitable organizations, creating brotherhood/sisterhood.

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