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When you step off campus what do you see?

This is definitely an URBAN campus. It's in the heart of Milwaukee, on the busiest street. I look outside my dorm window, and I see Wells Fargo, Catholic Financial Life, the Milwaukee Sky Scrapers, etc. We are close to great dining. Almost all of the bus routes go through our campus. That being said, there are poor people in the neighborhoods, not immediately surrounding the university, but nearby. Surrounding the university is the housing where a lot of students live. Going to the University requires some street smarts. Students quickly find which areas are safe and which areas they shouldn't venture off too (any further west than 25th and any further north than state, unless they are going to the east side). The DPS does a good job of trying to keep the students safe, but the student also needs to keep a personal awareness (i.e. not ending up alone in an alley 3 am drunk, traveling in groups, not walking around with ipod in etc).

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Depressing, I know, but it's true. To be honest, Marquette is not the safest college ever but that's what you get for being in the city. There is a homeless shelter across the street from one of the main dorms (also right behind my house). Milwaukee is a great city but it definitely has its problem, and poverty is the biggest. While it's a rude awakening, I've found that it's not so bad. Sure, there might be a mugging every two weeks or so, but our Department of Public Safety does their best to keep us out of harm's way. NOTE FOR FROSHIES: Do NOT go west of 22nd or north of Highland, unless you feel like getting mugged. Always walk in groups, call for a ride if it's late, and don't flash you iPhone, laptop, etc.

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