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Marquette University

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Why did you decide to go to this school?

When I initially started applying to schools, I thought that I wanted to go to a small rural school, but during the college process I realized that all there is to do at those schools was drink, because there weren't a lot of things accessible to the students there. I realized I wanted to be a bit closer to civilization....and Milwaukee is definitely a lively city. There is great dining, shopping, museums, etc. One of the nice features of the school is the Jesuit tradition. The religious beliefs aren't forced on the students, but the Jesuits have been structuring education for centuries, and they definitely know what they're doing! Part of the Jesuit tradition is service. There are a TON of service opportunities and be involved. What initially attracted me to the school was its size. It's not too big, not too small (8,000 undergrad, 11,000 total) so you're always meeting new people, but you can still run into people you know and you're not just a number for the university. The academic prestige that is tied to Marquette was also a draw factor to the University. The final decision maker for me personally was just the people, and the social environment of the school. Everyone is SUPER friendly.

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