Marquette University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are hardworking, successful and truly set on "Being the Difference."


Classmates are reserved, studious, busy, smart but they are also very friendly and willing to study and work together for class.


My classmates are helpful, understanding, and intelligent; they want me to succeed as much as i do.


Marquette students are somewhat diverse primarly Midwesterns, many from Chicago area who are serious students with a strong desire to successed at school and in their careers.


Hard- workers, engaged in class and willing to participate.


My classmates are a group of hard-working people that have as much fun inside the classroom as they do outside of it.


My classmates unite to make a community of determined, forward-thinking individuals who want to better themselves and their community through everything that they do.


All of the students at Marquette are very friendly and welcoming; they will become family quickly and you will feel at home.


Although my classmates differ depending on the classes I take, I would generally say that they are hardworking students who are able to balance their education with extracurricular activities and a healthy social life.


My classmates are welcoming to all and determined to succeed.


My classmates are, for the most part, intelligent and motivated students that are a pleasure to learn with.


You would never imagine being part of a classroom full of such enthusiastic students until you become one yourself at Marquette. Lecture and discussion becomes so natural between yourself and other students. Everyday, the library is filled with students sitting with their friends working to study and discuss their classes together. Whenever you need help, their is always other student or friend to turn to that is willing to help. One of things I have enjoyed the most with studying at Marquette is the interaction I always have with my other classmates and friends when it comes ot schoolwork.


My classmates at Marquette are very hard-working and passionate about learning.


Upper middle class, private school, preppy, white, suburban, naive. money driven, cereer driven.


Familiar faces flood your classes, walks around campus, and dorms.


My Marquette University classmates are very understanding, open-minded, and purely just friendly in nature.


I have around 2,000 "classmates" at Marquette University, and the ones that I have met are mature, intellectual human beings that are willing to help others in our mission to "be the difference"


My Marquette classmates are unique individuals pursuing their dreams and are friends who are smart and serious about their education.


Students at Marquette University are generally friendly, but more specifically, my classmates are incredibly engaging, knowledgeable, and creative when it comes to classroom settings, group participation, and classroom discussions.


Classmates of mine are diverse from myself, but most are very friendly.


My classmates are supportive, challenging, and competitive, so they push me to be the best that I can be.


My classmates are hardworking, good citizens who put their best into the world to be the differene.


The student body is mainly caucasian. Students wear whatever is clean and closest to them to class. Typically the later the class starts the "nicer" people come to class. Typical clothing ranges from sweatpants and a hoodie to a nice skirt and sweater. Anything goes as long as you are comfortable. The North Face jackets and Ugg boots are one of the most common items you will encounter on the campus.


They are nice and great people and also very social.


Marquette is not a terribly diverse school. Many students are from similar backgrounds- middle to upper class, white, Christian, and the list goes on. While there have been many efforts to diversify the campus, with multicultural clubs and centers, as well as an array of political and social awareness clubs, Marquette still may be too straight-laced for some. The best to meet different people is through clubs and organizations on campus, as well as going to all-campus activities, such as basketball games. Politically, students are all over the board, and can be very active, if you choose to be. Many students interact with students within their colleges, i.e. Health Sciences, Engineering, Business, etc. Marquette is probably deemd preppier than other schools. Men are typically seen in jeans and shirt and baseball hat. Girls range from sundresses in warm weather (this dies down within in the first few weeks, even if the weather doesn't), but more so jeans, leggings, and yoga pants as they settle into classes. Uggs and Northface parkas are always popular in once November rolls around. Overall, the students are pretty preppy, relatively conservative (lifestyle wise), but still accepting of different students.


I think at Marquette, you'll find a very Midwestern vibe. This isn't to say we don't have students that come from all over, but for the most part, you'll find the large majority of campus comes from Wisconsin and Chicago suburbs. There is a large Catholic presence, just based on the fact that the school is jesuit, but it is by no means shoved down your throat. The school is working really hard to become move diverse and also trying to be more welcoming to groups like the LGBT community, which is small but growing. The fashion on campus is pretty laid back. It's not uncommon to wear sweats or jeans to class, although in some classes, like business classes, its not uncommon to see students dressed up coming from their internships. It's cold for a large chunk of the year so you'll see a lot of north faces on campus (welcome to Wisconsin winters). The political vibe of Marquette really is very split. Student organizations for both College Republicans and College Democrats are active on campus, but I wouldn't say one is more favored than the other. I was a freshman here during the Obama/McCain election and it was a really interesting time on campus because campus was so split and open to healthy debate. We have so many different majors and colleges on campus that people have so many different interests. We don't really have one major that defines the university, which I think is cool. We have lots of pre-med kids but then just as many accounting majors. There really is something for everyone!


Students at Marquette are cool.


Marquette University academics are definitely for the fainthearted, but they are still doable. I was accepted to a number of academically competitive schools beside Marquette, such as Boston University, Bentley University, Providence College, etc. All of my professors know me by name regardless of whether my class has 14 people or 180. My largest class is around 180, but it is an introductory 1 credit course that is a pass/fail course. Students who are smart study on a nightly basis, but a little bit at a time, but there are the students who wait until the night before to cram. Marquette University is a University that promotes thinking and reflection, so you will write a fair amount of papers by coming here, but they are explained really well and you leave the classroom knowing what your task is. Peer Review is something promoted by many of the professors, and there is a writing center here on campus to have a teacher look over your paper as well. A lot of my professors are really great people. My Theology professor invited my entire class over for dinner during Fall Break for the opportunity to have a homemade meal. Any of the teachers are willing to meet with you at any time. The University is definitely committed to preparing its students for a career. In fact there are multiple career services centers on campus, in addition to setting up appointments with recruiters. The students are concerned with their own grades, but there isn't too much competition by the students. Everyone is just striving for their own best, which I think differentiates Marquette from the other Top 75 schools. The professors do like to teach but they also want you to think and learn for yourself. You have to put effort in if you want to have good grades.


Interested in science, outgoing, social, hard working.


Passive learners.


Like me


My classmates are students who want to succeed in life. Though not all have decided on their major, every person is prepared to learn and put in the effort to be a well rounded student. For the students who have declared their majors, they not only want to progress in their field, they also have the drive to learn about other subjects. All classmates are highly driven individuals that not only want to succeed but help their fellow students do well.


My classmates are caring, supportive, and Catholic.


Marquette students are typically optimistic and compassionate, but there seems to be a lot about real life that they don't understand.


Classmates are wonderful. In the BISC major, classmates tend to be very competitive, but I see that as a good thing! Most of my classmates drink and party, but I've found a good group of friends who still like to go out, but not drink! :)


The majority of my classmates work extremely hard and are dedicated to achieving the highest education that they can but as well they are very friendly.


My classmates can be split into two groups; those who are hardworking, kind, and respectful and those who do not care about school because they are still living off of their parents money.


Most Marquette students are from the Chicago area or from southern and eastern Wisconsin, as is to be expected, but in my time at MU, I made friends from New York, Atlanta, St. Louis, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Texas, Kansas City, Boston, Minneapolis, Canada, and all over the country. People came from a variety of backgrounds and viewpoints (political, religious, everything). And almost universally everyone was pretty easygoing and it was easy to make friends.


My classmates are friendly and want me to succeed. They are some of my closest friends that I can look to for help and guidance when needed. My classmates are racially diverse, but that does not get in the way of our great friendships. In addition, my classmates are smart so group projects are always successful and fun. I enjoy going to school and being surrounded by the people in my classes. My major is Physical Therapy so my class is only 60 students. It is a small, clost-knit group of people that I love to be around.


My classmates are generally focused and here to learn and overall friendly.


My classmates are very unique and everyone is different but we all have one common goal, to better ourselves through education and experience.


My classmates at Marquette University are intelligent, competitive, studious, pessimistic and optimistic, confused, some lost in choices to choose between a bright destiny or to a dark barbed wired path, and on the weekends partying like rock stars.


My classmates have the same passion for learning that I do both in the classroom and out.


In terms of diversity, the Marquette community is very embracing of racial and religious diversity and of LGBT students. When it's advocated by school officials, this can often bring up questions of whether the University is keeping in line with Catholic social teaching, and when that happens it is definitely talked about quite a bit even when nothing really comes of it. Socio-economic diversity is discussed in some classes, but it never really came up in conversation with any of my friends while I was there.


Marquette breeds good people. Passionate people. Yes, Marquette can be segregated but there are plenty of opportunities to get out of your comfort zone. Want to meet international students? Host one or just hang out on the global student floor in Campus Town! Join the Gospel Choir, go on a MAP trip or a retreat. The opportunities are endless. And if you push yourself out of your comfort zone, you'll meet the most interesting people that help you grow and mature.


We don't have a very racially diverse campus, but I would not by any means say that our campus isn't diverse. We have people from a range of backgrounds and belief systems populating our student body and I am always being introduced to new perspectives and experiences. We do have a variety of religious and socio-economic groups on campus and representation for the LGBT community. The campus as a whole focuses on creating a welcoming and accepting environment in. I would say I learn just as much from my peers as I do from faculty on campus. Students of all types interact through class room and extracurricular experiences. We have both the left-leaning and conservative crowds on campus, with the majority probably being somewhere in the middle. Its refreshing that a lot of students I've encountered aren't so much concerned with how much they'll make in monetary means one day but more so with finding a fulfililng career. A lot of my friends graduate and go into post-grad volunteer positions before entering grad school or the intense career world. I would say we have a politically active campus, although I'm biased because I'm a political science major. Its very evident in my discussions with other students (in and outside of political science classes) that people have specific issues that they are passionate about.


Very few are nice and welcoming. Most are uneasy to talk to and have their own groups already.


Marquette classmates were a diverse group, mostly midwesterners, who were interested in the biological sciences and the principles, theories, and techniques associated with it.


My classmates at Marquette University are motivated, interested, contemplative and determined, while, at the same time, are also fun and inquisitive - always ready to discover, invent, or learn something new.


Like me.

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