Marquette University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for its history as a jesuit institution. It was founded way back in 1881, and was the first catholic university to have a coed program. It is also known for its emphasis on community service. Its basketball team is pretty good, with some famous NBA players (such as Jimmy Butler and Dwayne Wade) as alumni.


"Cura Personalis", care for the entire person. Excellence, Faith, Leadership, and Service. Marquette is best known for the University's strive to make each student a well rounded individual who will make a difference in the world and benefit the entire human community. Marquette Univeristy emphasizes students' pursuit of excellence through their education, and this excellence is demonstrated through professors and teachers who truly care. A strong Christian faith is held at Marquette, yet this faith is inclusive to all individuals. Marquette ultimately provides education that builds leaders, teachers, and professionals, who dedicate their lives to the service of others.


The most common feature that our school is known for is our basketball team. The second most known feature of Marquette is that it is a Jesuit Institution. As a result, there is a focus on taking a broad scope of classes in addition to your major and service learning opporunitites to make you a better, more well-rounded individual. We are also well-known for our Graduate opportunities, ranging from Marquette's Law and Dental schools to our close connection with the Medical College of Wisconsin. Finally, we are well known in many fields for oustanding industry relations.


Although Marquette is known to most of the Midwest for many of its post-professional tracks, such as Physical Therapy, Dentistry, Physician Assistant, and Law School. This programs are all extrememely competitive to get in to, and people work very hard as undergraduates to apply. Before attending Marquette, I knew about the strong Health Sciences College, this is why I wanted to apply to that college. Since entering the College of Health Sciences, I have seen the competition and academic rigor to remain in the college and gain entry into a post-professional program.


Marquette is best known for the four pillars: Faith, Leadership, Service and Excellence. These four pillars represent Marquette's overall motto, "Be the Difference." There are classes and seminars devoted directly to this motto. For instance, feshman honors students were presented with the option to take the seminar "How to Change the World." The school has an easy access to practice faith, plenty of opportunities for students to improve leadership skills, and many service oppurtinities through clubs and classes. Overall, the school offers student the ability to achieve excellence. faith, leadership, service and excellence are key to being the difference.


Academics and basketball.


It is best known for its high amount of school spirit and for its involvement with the community around it.


Marquette University is best known for the well-rounded education that it offers its students. All students are required to take a number of different classes outside of their major, such as Theology, Literature, History, English, Philosophy, and many other foundational classes. Marquette believes that it is very important for their students to leave with a solid foundation of knowledge on multiple subjects, not just their respective majors.


Most people know of Marquette because of the impressive men's basketball team. However, Marquette is also known for its status as a Catholic University.


The baskeball team


My school is best known for creating students that are men and women for others through the unique Jesuit education that is offered at Marquette.


Marquette is probably best known for our sweet basketball team and our high-quality law school.


My school is best known for its excellence in academics, religious affiliations, and its basketball team of course! The school has a fun atmosphere and every student seems very proud to be a member of the Marquette community.


One of my favorite traditions on campus is Marquette Madness, which is an event for the whole school/student season ticket holders. All of the NBA players will come back and you get introduced to the "team" although the majority of them are returning students. There is music, and some fun competitive contests for free swag. Great time!


It still gives me chills when each men's basketball game starts with the little video and inspirational music. If you're going through your typical "Marquette isn't right for me" stage, go to a basketball game! It has the utmost sense of community. We also have fun little traditions at the games, like ripping up and tossing your ticket at the first shot, the nasty cheers to the opposing teams, and OF COURSE the Jump Around Guy, a legend really. Between the third and fourth quarters, "Jump Around" is played and the jumbo-tron immediatley closes in on a MU alum, probably late 40s and typically dressed in a nice suit and tie, dancing to the song like an idiot. Perhaps one of my fondest memories at Marquette!


My school is best known for it's academic programs and achievements.


Nationally, Marquette is best known for basketball. There is no football team, but our men's basketball team has won the National Championship and got to the Sweet Sixteen in 2011. Academically, Marquette is known for it's engineering and dental schools.


Basketball, engineering school.


Marquette has a really well know basketball team. We are also known for really good academics and good job placement after graduation. Marquette has a very good reputatiion so many employers like hiring grads from here.


Marquette is best known for its prestige as a private university. It provides students with an excellent liberal arts education and pre-professional programs that prepare students not only for future careers, but for life. Aside from outstanding academics, Marquette is well-known for its athletics. NBA Miami Heats player Dwayne Wade was once a golden eagle at Marquette. At Marquette, everyone has strong school spirit. As our motto goes, WE ARE MARQUETTE! :)


Basketball and being a Catholic Jesuit university.


Marquette University strongly believes in what is called cura personalis, or care of the whole person. This means that the entire well being of the student is important, not just academics. While academics are very important, the social, emotional, and spiritual aspects of student are also highly valued. For this reason, the faculty at Marquette really care about their students as persons and most take the time to get to know them by name. They are also willing to do whatever it takes to help the student excell in class and truly understand the world around them.


Marquette University is known for providing a quality, challenging education with its roots in faith. Marquette seeks to give its students the type of education that prepares them for not only academic challenges that lie ahead, but also social and workplace challenges. Their basis in faith may seem intimidating to those who do not identify themselves as Catholic, or even religious, but Marquette provides an accepting and supportive community for students from all backgrounds and faiths.


I believe Marquette is best known for offering their students not only excellent education opportunities but also opportunities for students to grow as individuals. This is done through Marquette's Jesuit identity, their Milwaukee city roots, study abroad opportunities, professors/faculty who genuinely care about their students, among several others.




A strong sense of fraternity and community amongst students and facultry, a commitment to service in the world, and the upholding of Jesuit ideals about leadership and charity.


Marquette is best known for revolutionizing "service learning." Service learning is incorporated into many classes at Marquette, and it requires students to work at different sites throughout Milwaukee that engage in social justice (ex: teaching English to refugees, tutoring at detention facilities, working at homeless shelters, etc.). The whole idea of service learning is not simply to volunteer, but self-transformation, of coming to the realization that we must be proactive within our communities and to see everyone as a human being no matter what their situation is in life. Marquette encourages everyone to "be the difference."


Marquette University is known for producing leaders in all fields of study, along with great basketball players.


It is known for its rigorous courses. People who go to Marquette are usually known for being intelligent. The classes are defenitely difficult and the teachers always make it that way.


Marquette has made their basketball team, the Golden Eagles, well known. Marquette is also known for its Jesuit heritage.


This school is known for its Jesuit orientation. It is very much focused on what we can do for others and how to make the world a better place.


Marquette is definitely best known for its security. Although probably not one of the highest priorities on a senior high school student's list when considering schools, it's something I've unquestionably learned to appreciate. With free transportation service around campus, strict check-in policies for the dorms, and surplus of DPS officers readily available, driving and even walking around campus all night, these are just some of the features that have made me feel undeniably safe at Marquette. Perhaps not such an exciting characteristic, but hey, if it helps me make it through school alive, I'm glad.


Marquette University is best known for it's traditional Jesuit education as well as it's location in Milwaukee, WI. Some programs that are especially popular and strong academically include the dentistry school, law school, and direct admit physical therapy program.


I think Marquette is best known for its family legacies and traditions - besides basketball, that is! It seems that the vast majority of students you ask here will say that one of their parents attended Marquette also. I also think that Marquette is known for preparing students for high-paying professional careers like lawyers, dentists, engineers, business executives, and that the network of alumni help those graduates get connected in the outside world.


I think Marquette is well known for producing hard working and intelligent leaders who genuinely try to do the right thing. Last year, there was much attention made of the fact that the Milwaukee mayor was beaten at the State Fair when he tried to intervene in a domestic violence situation. It is not surprising that the mayor was a Marquette graduate, since many mayors, governors and legislators from the state are, but it is also not surprising that a Marquette graduate would not stand by when an injustice was taking place.


Our school is best known for student support and spirit. During the school year students show up in masses and all through campus students sport marquette gear in support. Not only on campus but all through the country and world students always act respectfully knowing they are representing all of marquettes' true values. Our school is known for its education, spirit and community service all of this is shown to the public through each and everyone of our students which is what marquette is known for best is its amazing students and their ability to be responsible members of society.


I don't know exactly what my school is best known for. However, I know exactly why I love it. I don't enjoy classrooms that have a large capacity of students, and I never have to worry about that. Unlike students at larger, more prestigious colleges, I have the opportunity to have one on one personal relationships with my instructors. Aside from the smaller classes, the staff and advisors all throughout the campus are very helpful. There are endless reasons why I love my school, but I can only say so much with a one hundred word limit.


Marquette University is best known for it's strong emphasis on the Ignatian teachings and Jesuit principles. Students are encouraged to become involved in their community while exploring their faith and working to be Men and Women for Others. Many students uphold these teachings by volunteering in the community through various service organizations and by volunteering on their own.


Marquette University is best known for their values; leadership, faith, service and excellence. It is a religious school with excellent values that encourage students to "be the difference." That includes outstanding academic success and also achievement in future careers and within the surrounding community. Being apart of Marquette's community does not only include a sense of belonging on campus, but also in a relationship with current, past and future Marquette leaders that will surround us for the rest of our lives. After all, "we are Marquette."


Marquette is known for being a university with smart kids who work hard at obtaining a good education, but at the same time are not afraid to party or have a good time. Marquette's current students and alumni are well known for overflowing with school spirit. Being Jesuit, Marquette's goal is to educate help it's students become well-rounded individuals.


My school is best known for its basketball team and for being a Jesuit institution.


In my opinion Marquette is best knowm for its basketball team the Goldean Eagles.


Marquette Golden Eagles and its Engineering Department.


Marquette is best known for well rounded individuals who are aware of the world around them. Marquette students are known for their service work in the community as well as around the world. Not to mention, the academics at the school have a prestigious reputation. It is also well known for our awesome basketball team!


Basketball, Jesuits, Cold weather


Marquette University is known for a good Jesuit Education, focusing on academics, faith and service. Academically Marquette is known for its Theology and Philosophy graduate programs. It also has a great Medical field program from pre-med to nursing to physical therapy. The Business School is also very accredited program. Besides academics, Marquette is known for its Men's Basketball team.


School sprit and competitiveness as well as giving back.


Marquette Basketball!! Those games are so fun and always wild. The nursing, engineering, and Business schools are very competitave here.


basketball and milwaukee


Marquette is known for multiple things. 1) the basketball team, in particular Dwayne Wade and Al McGuire. 2) the dental school. and lastly 3) the law school.

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