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The network here is noticeably greater. The alumni still are very proud of going to Marquette and I thought that was really different from the other schools I looked at. The campus is spectacular, expecially in the fall when all the leaves are changing color on the trees. It has very old and historical buildings, but also new and updated buildings as well, so it is the best of both worlds. Being right in downtown Milwaukee is an amazing experience for anyone who enjoys the city.


Marquette is a community. And I am not using that term lightly. Walking down Wisconsin Avenue, the heart of Milwaukee, students smile at each other, hold the door open for one another, and say "excuse me", "please", and "thank you" while completing every day campus activities. These things may all seem trivial and like they are just basic manners, but they are not. I noticed that at other schools there is not the genuine care for the other people around you that there is at Marquette. Marquette is genuine, which is hard to find in this superficial world.


I actually was thinking about going out of state first to Syracuse in New York. But then I realized why would I want to go out of state when I have such an incredible school right here in my own city. I felt that I fit right in when I took a tour of the university. I like it that it's not an isolated university. You get the whole university experience, along with the big city experience. And just the fact that it's here in my home city makes it a lot better.


Marquette University if unique compared to other schools that I considered because they have a unique standards for core curriculum. At Marquette, students are required to take Philosophy, English, Theology and History classes, because the university belives that it will help students to become well-rounded learners, and will eventually help them to be well-rounded professionals. Continually, Marquette University is unique compared to other universities because they offer a biomedical sciences major, which focuses specifically on preparing students to enter health-related professions and proessional schools.


Marquette is a Jesuit University, meaning it is liberal Catholic and service focused. We are locted in one of the poorest areas in Milwaukee , and all students are dedicated to helping the homeless and those in need in the community. We do not only seek to make changes on campus, but also in the Milwaukee community. This is because Milwaukee happens to be one of the most segregated, poorest, and highest in child trafficking cities in the United States. Marquette seeks to make a change in regards to these issues.


I think Marquette is unique in our dedication to biomedical research. With an emphasis on neurological related diseases, the Marquette biomedical research department has many dedicated researchers that continually run experiments in the hope of developing new drugs and medical procedures for neurological diseases. Many of the researchers also allow students to participate and help conduct experiments, which exposed students to the process of how medical treatments are developed.


I visited about 3 other small schools that felt like small schools. When I visited Marquette, however, it didn't feel like a small school even though it was. Also speaking for myself I'm very big on sports and Marquette's school spirit towards its sports felt like it was bigger than the other schools I visited.


My school is private Catholic, Jesuit university dedicated to serving God by serving our students and contributing to the advancement of knowledge. So theology is a manditory course at the school which I find is very unique.


Great education.


Marquette University is a university that takes pride in how connected everyone is. The faculty makes an effort to make sure that you aren't just a number but actually an individual.


Marquette University is a 'small' school in a 'big' city. I love that about it. It's a Division 1 school but not so big the professors don't know me. Marquette is also one of the best colleges in Wisconsin for Athletic Training and Physical Therapy. They REALLY put a big effort into making students feel welcome and not islolated...from day one. It's been a wonderful experience for me!


Marquette University is different than most colleges because Marquette empowers it's students to really go out into the world and make a difference. To go to Marquette a student must want to help not only their community but the world. Marquette University is the stepping stones for starting our future.


Marquette is not only about preparing a student for their intended major, but instead wishes to help develop a well-rounded individual. The curriculum is intended so that a student is exposed to multiple fields of study, with plentiful opportunities for volunteer and extracurricular activities. People with similar interests come together so easily that the school atmosphere changes to that of a closely knit family. The sense of community at Marquette is like no other university, and is what truly makes the school stand out. Bigger hearts cannot be found anywhere else.


Marquette University became the perfect home for its location, its majors, and its values. Being only two hours away from home it created an atmosphere far away from home where I could be independent, but also able to go home when needed at the same time. Marquette offered the opportunity for me to double major all in four years, allowing me to become a well rounded individual. Lastly, Marquette encourages more than just good grades, but also community service and faith in religion.


Marquette, although a small school compared to others, is truly a place of warmth and spirit. Here, you can walk to your friend's dorm within minutes, rather than take a bus to the other side of campus. Here you experience the tradition of cheering on the Golden Eagles, which makes everyone feel as though they are a part of one big family. At Marquette, you are encouraged to think outside of the box and take classes which will help you grow into a well-rounded person - which is an important asset to have.


Great city atmosphere, so many oppurtunities because in Milwaukee. Big enought but not too big.


Campus is pretty laid back socially, but academics are very important to everyone.


My school has the biomedical sciences program that I found really cool. Also they let undergrads disect whole cadavers in their gross anatomy lab.


It is smaller but has the resources a large college would have. Professors have office hours that allow most students to see them and will make appointments for those who ask. Professors are very willing to help students out and want their students to do well. It is a strong academic school and has a good reputation.


The way in which the community of Marquette supports each other. You are not alone at the University, but rather, there is a system of support and encouragement to help you whenever you need it.


Marquette University combines faith and service with intellectual growth. I believe this creates a well-rounded and stronger graduate than other universities.


The community that I get to be part of amazes me every day. It's a small school, so there is a bond between every member of the the university family. As cliche as it sounds, at Marquette I feel like more than an enrollment number. I feel like an important member of the student body and I know that I am wanted there. I am so proud of the standards that Marquette upholds itself to and cannot imagine myself anywhere else!


Your Marquette experience is what you make of it. It's literally all waiting for you right at your doorstep, and all you have to do is walk through. It's all about pushing your boundaries and challenging your ideas.


It provides a journalism program that is top notch. The student population size is a great fit; not too large or too small.


Its a perfectly sized university that has a very dedicated and successful alumni base. For the most part, the University does a great job with making sure the best facilities are available to their students. Plus, the University has a name that is widely recognized in the professional world, and also has pioneered some of the major's that it offers.


It is one of the best schools in the state.


Some thing unique about Marquette is that it is just the right size. The campus is in the heart of the city and is not overwhelmingly big, or too small where everyone knows everyone. Due to this location it is very easy for a lot of students to be involved in many in and out of campus activities, jobs, and community service events.




Marquette is a very unique community that combines academics, social life, and school spirit in just the right proportions.


Marquette is in a city. It is a wonderful way to start networking very early in my education. My major is Speech Pathology and Audiology, and there is a clinic in one of the buildings on campus. This persuaded me to go to Marquette because I would already be getting experience with people and confirm this is the field I will devote the majority of my life to. It is also the most expensive school I considered, but with a 100% acceptance rate into a graduate programs for Speech Path, I will continue to work and make the school affordable.


The reason why I chose the college I am at was because it is a strong community. They believe in education and faith. We are strong. The selling point for Marquette was the specialty programs that they offer for those that qualify. I was accepting as a Pre-Law Scholar. I am basically accepted into their law school as long as I keep up my grades and get a good score on my LSAT. It is an unbeatable deal that I wouldn't of gotten anywhere else.


I just transferred from Saint Norbert College, although I also enjoyed SNC, I absolutely love Marquette. Milwaukee provides a great atmosphere both for internship opportunities and socially. Not only is Marquette ideally located, it also provides a smaller school atmosphere where you can maintain a close relationship with your professors. As a transfer student from another private school, I?d greatly recommend Marquette as your school choice.


I would not be the person I am today if it wasn't for choosing Marquette. Lifelong friendships, professional skills, and a family that will always welcome me home. WE ARE MARQUETTE!


Marquette is an awesome university and really helps students develop as a whole person. We have four pillars that represent our University's philosophy: Excellence, Faith, Leadership, and Service. You can find evidence of these pillars in almost everything you do on campus. There is a distinct emphasis on leadership on campus and helping students discover and utilize their own leadership attributes. There are workshops, seminars, extracurricular experiences and more that the university provides for students to better themselves. I feel that no matter what petty complaints some students may have about the university, it is overall an amazing school. I am constantly being challenged and encouraged to think outside the box. which is really what education is all about. Most important, it is difficult to get stuck inside the "college bubble" while at Marquette. One of the best things about our campus's location in the city is that you are often exposed to the world outside your own life and compelled by the lives of others.


Very academic focused, helpful, organized, prosperous,


Marquette has a lot of resources for their students and gives its students experience in the workplace and in the community which really helps them towards their future careers.


Marquette is unique because it has the moral beliefs of a Catholic university, but it is not too strict. Students are able to be comfortable in themselves and make friends for life. There are also many clubs and extra-curricucular activities as well.


It's a samll, Catholic school. The only one like that I applied to.


Dealing with money on campus can be tough. In this video two freshmen who live their financial lives differently explain how they deal with money. Jordan also gives some advice on good use of credit cards.


Smaller size, urban environment


Marquette is a strong, vibrant comminity. The University's mission statement has 4 words that sum up the people there. Excellence, faith, leadership, and service. Many schools I looked at just said that they were "like" that but at Marquette, people truely live that statement out. With those four stong pillars, one student is accepted into the Marquette Community.


Service is a huge deal. I feel that Marquette puts a huge emphasis on developing the individual as a whole person, through experiences, not just academics. The professors are amazing and truly care about students- they are available quite frequently and are easy to get a hold of. At Marquette, you actually feel important. One thing I have noticed about Marquette that makes it different from many places is that most people hold the door for others. It is one of those contagious, do good things that everyone seems to do. I like it. :)


The city atmosphere and snow


It's private, and it is a very well known university for academics in a medium sized city.


Marquette is a small university, but not too small - you're always meeting new people. Marquette is all about service and the community and being the diference in our society. Marquette faculty care about the student's future and are willing to meet with the student to talk about their career. All the students are open to one another's opinions and ideas. It really is a great school!


It's a small, private college in a downtown location which gives students a lot of job opportunities and an academic advantage over other colleges in the surrounding area.


It has a very strong athletic and academic programs. It has a very nice campus with a very large library. It is very prestigious and difficult to get into. It's in a big city with a lot of activities to do.


Marquette University is very much a part of the Milwaukee community. We are right in the heart of downtown with great accessability to the whole city. We also have an enormous focus on community outreach which keeps us in touch with the outside world while still maintaining the college atmosphere.


Milwaukee is a smaller city.


The location and great attitude on campus. Also, the "LIMO" service, the safe buses that are available to students in the evenings.

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