Marquette University Top Questions

What are your classes like?


I was super scared that classes would be crazy hard once in college. I think it definitely helps that Marquette is a smaller private school so classes are a lot smaller. The largest class I've ever had was probably about 160 students, which was for a freshmen math class. This is BY FAR one of the largest classes you'll ever have at MU. Lower-division classes (i.e. your pre-reqs) are larger but probably no more than 60. Most of my classes are closer to 25-30, and they get smaller as you get into specialized classes for your major. MU isn't particularly competitive unless you make it for yourself. The professors are very understanding and typically lead in discussion-based classes, along with lecture. All of my classes and professors have been very engaging and really value the students' insights.


All of the professors that I have actually make you interested in the topic that you're learning about. A lot of them are based on individual exploration and learning that you do outside of the classroom, and then that discussion continues inside of the classroom. One of my favorite courses is the freshman year English courses. Initially, I was upset that I had to take them, but after being in the class for a couple weeks, I realized how useful the class was and how great my professor is. There's classes for different learning styles. I couldn't be happier here!

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