Marquette University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


There is a clear lack of diversity on my college campus. I am African American and we only make up about 4% of my college's campus with smaller percentages for other minorities. However, I do not feel unwelcome or discriminated against. It is just something I noticed that should be addressed.


The only frustrating thing about my school is the lack of study abroad scholarships. It is my dream to study abroad, and while Marquette University endorses students to travel abroad, they do not do that good of a job supplying students with the money needed to go abroad. I dream of studying abroad, traveling to places like Prague and Rome. I wish that my school had available study abroad scholarships for students who have a passion for travel and exploration but simply cannot afford it.


Marquette University is an amazing school that has attracted many talented and intelligent individuals. There is support at every turn and at this point in my college career, I don't have frustrations.


The administration is conservative and that effects the rest of the student body.


Not being able to stay connected to the university's WiFi consistently.


There is not much to complain about. A minor detail which frustrates me is the fact that sophomores must live in dorms, with no expections. Most accredited universities allow second year students to live in a house or apartment. The dorms are perfectly fine but being able to completely live on my own is something I have looked forward to for many years.




What I find to be the most frustrating at my school is the tuition and aditional costs to attend. Money plays a huge role in my education and I worry that it will begin to control future choices.


There are a lot of frustrating things at Marquette University, but the most frustrating thing there is its lofty cost. Most private and some state schools across the country have higher or the same cost. The tuition is forty thousand dollars and the cost of living in the dorms is around ten thousand.


Currently I attend Florida Atlantic University but wish to switch to Marquette University. At Florida Atlantic University, the most frustrating thing is the securtiy. The security on campus is not good. Thus far this year, there have been a number of unsolved crimes on campus. Many of these crimes involved weapons such as guns or knives. Many students do not feel safe any longer traveling alone. Our security needs to improve.


We are required to live on campus or with our parents for the first two years. Most schools only require the first year or none at all. It really isn't that bad, because Marquette wants us to feel comfortable and have a chance to get the full experience.


Today, we are extrememly accustomed to advances in technology, and more and more these advances can be found in the classroom. This is great when they can offer more resources to students, and ensure that they have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips for their reports, projects and research. However, this can also make things extraordinarily frustrating for students when their professors attempt to maximize their use of technology in the classroom. It can be confusing and stressful when you are expected to check and use multiple websites just to submit one assignment.


Marquette is a great school with great school spirit. You won't talk to even one person who isn't involved and can't say 5 things they don't like about Marquette. It's a challenging school so if you are up for a challenge, Marquette could be the place for you. I am a liberal individual and it is definitely a conservative campus and that has been a challenge for me but I would say it has made my beliefs even stronger, so don't let the Jesuit/Catholic dissuade you.


What frustrates me about the Marquette community is its diversity. Marquette lacks diversity among minorities such as Hispanics/ Latinos and African Americans. Not only do the statistics prove it, but also the way in how people interact with each other. For example people tend to socialize with people who look like them instead of expanding their group of friends.


The most frustrating thing about Marquette is that it's not as diverse as I expected it to be. Especially growing up in an extremely diverse neighborhood and going to school with people from all different types of backgrounds was a somewhat frustrating transition to make coming here. The transition is at times frustrating, but once you get adjusted your experience depends on how you make it - how involved you are and who you surround yourself with.


The most frustrating thing about Marquette is signing up for classes due to the random sign up time. Although I understand the reason behind having the athletes, seniors, and physical training programs sign up for classes due to their demanding schedules, it is frustrating to only be able to choose once they have had first pick. The positive to this type of class scheduling is that students consider taking classes they might have never given a second thought beforehand.


The most frustrating thing about Marquette University is how students are required to take theology and philosophy classes. The classes previously mentioned are required for graduation because Marquette University is a Jesuit school. Requiring to take theology and philosophy is frustrating because those two class subjects seem random and I do not think these two classes do not fit most of the majors that Marquette offers. The number of credits a student much take for theology and philosophy depends on his/her major.


I really cannot think of anything that was so frustrating that it bothered me. I graduated with a high school class of 18, so I would say the most frustrating part of going to college at Marquette University was attending Chemistry and Biology and the class size being over 200 students. It was a drastic change and really hard to get the one on one student teacher interaction, I was used to getting in high school.


Nothing really, just the hard work is all.


The most frustrating thing about Marquette is it's location in the city. It has a very nice campus area and good space and architecture, but there aren't many stores close by. The closest supermarket is over a mile away by bus.


The amount of money it costs to go here.


Like many schools, there is a good amount of students here who are immature and have yet to realize how important a good education is. As an engineering major, my classes require a lot of hard work and concentration, and the less focused students on campus can get very frustrating when they are disruptive.


The most frustrating thing about Marquette is the difficulty of transportation. The only reasonable way to get around Milwaukee is by bus, and the bus system is complicated and even a little frightening.


Perhaps one of the most frustrating things about Marquette is the requirement for freshmen and sophomores to live in a residence hall and to purchase a meal plan, in the case that they do not live within 30 miles of home and do not choose to commute. While the school is simply looking out for the safety of students (specifically those who are under the age of 21), the problem is that the room and board is very costly, bringing forth financial hardships. It's frustrating knowing that I am paying $1200 a month to live and eat on campus.


The most frustrating thing about Marquette University is the location. Since it is near an unstable part of town, there is not much to do on the weekend nights. There are not a lot of different activities to do unless it involves partying. Another problem is the weather; I am from the midwest, but it is so windy and very cold.


The most frustrating thing about Marquette University is how many intelligent people attend it. It is difficult to keep up with the mental capabilities of the students there and is frustrating for average students.


Every student pays a lot of money to go to Marquette, and although both the education and the experience is worth the hefty price tag, many students frown upon the living arrangements they are forced into. Students are required to live in dorms both freshman and sophomore years, coupled with a non-optional meal plan. The dorms come with less than ideal visitation restrictions, and the dorm food is sub-par.


The cost.


The most frustrating thing about Marquette is the parking. Still, it isn't terrible.


The most frustrating thing about Marquette is the cost. Being a private institution, it costs a lot of money to go there. And, don't get me wrong, I absolutely love it and wouldn't want to attend anywhere else. But I don't recieve as much financial aid/scholarship money as I'd like and I am a very involved and hardworking student. It's just frustrating that they don't lower the costs or offer more money for people who work hard and are struggling to pay for their tuition.


Everything is done in excess, this is a work hard play hard school.


That tuituon is so high. Marquette University is a fantastic school, but we pay so much more than other universities, and the book store is highway robbery. You pay $200 for books and you only get $80 when you sell them back, its awful.


The hardest thing in my freshman year was getting used to the different teaching style of each professor and actually understanding each teacher I think I overstudied sometimes and was overstressed because I am in a program that has a minimum GPA that has to be maintained. Not having time to really relax was frustrating since I spent literally every waking moment at the library, not really taking time to work out or do things that would relieve the stress and probably help me study in a more effective way.


How credits are dispursed is frustrating. A four hour lab only adds one credit to a class, meaning I spend a lot of time in class without being adequately reimbursed with credits.


The most frustrating thing about school is the tuition. The tuition is just under $40,000 a year and paying for college on my own, I hold the school very accountable for my experience. Since I am paying so much, I wish the professors would put the same effort into grading papers so we could get an education that is worth the $40,000 that we are paying. This semester I had great professors and not-so-great professors, for an expensive school, all of the professors should be top notch.


I have found that the most frustrating thing at my school is the underrepresentation of many ethnic and social groups. Most people at Marquette are white, Christian, middle to upper class people. We have few Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians. We have hardly any non-Christians. Due to our high tuition, we have basically no students from a low socioeconomic class. I would like to see better diversity on campus because I believe that is important to surround yourself with all types of people.


The most frustrating part is scheduling classes for the semester.


The most frustrating part of my school is the lack of a college football team, being that many of the male population of Marquette comes from Jesuit or Catholic high schools that have great football teams. This may seem trivial and irrelevant, but many students on campus do get upset about no longer having a football team. However, in order to make up for this issue, Marquette students thrive for the student section of Marquette basketball games.


The most frustrating aspect regarding Marquette is the lack of a football team. I am in the Physical Therapy program and am also pursuing Athletic Training, so it is frustrating that our school does not have this sport that we can work with. We are able to go to the surrounding high school to work with their football teams, it is just a great experience to be able to work with and support your school and its athletes.


People don't drink a lot, but when they do, they tend to put a major emphasis on it. So that is the only thing they think about for that night


The most frustrating aspect about Marquette is dealing with the surrounding neighborhoods. In all fairness to Marquette though, they do a very good job with security (almost to the point where it creates its own frustrations, but it truly is needed).


The fact that it doesn't represent the city that it's in (racially)


The lack of diversity at Marquette makes is astonishing. I think that is the most striking failure of our administrators, and changing that would fill in the only thing Marquette is really missing to make it an undisputably great school.


The most frustrating thing about Marquette is the lack of diversity. A lot of the students come from the upper middle class and have attended private schools. The style is typically preppy.


Living in the cold for a few months gets frustrating but warmer weather will come.


Sometimes in the lecture classes it is hard to understand the concepts, but the teachers are very willing to take time with you during their office hours to help you with difficult concepts.




The one thing that bothers me about Marquette is the wealthiness. I truly believe that I come from the poorest family there, and I am constantly reminded of that. In addition to outrageous tuition fees, I get rather frustrated with students' ability to partake in pretty expensive activities. I get embarrassed when all my peers are going out to fancy restaurants for dinner, but I have to stay in the dorms because I can't afford it. It gets really frustrating for me.


The overnight visitation policies


The "Marquette Bubble" prevents some students from being involved in the surrounding community and understanding the social justice issues that are happening in Milwaukee.

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