Marquette University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The environment of the Milwaukee community is the best aspect about my school. This is because the environment promotes students to get involved and participate in an exchange of learning. The learning and experiences accumulated helps with important knowledge needed for future careers.


The best thing about Marquette University is the faculty. Almost all of my experience with faculty members has been positive. The professors I have had the chance to work with have been extremely supportive and go out of their way to be available, working around my schedule to meet if necessary. Even though I may not be in their classes, they will still check in with me via email. The faculty really does care for their students.


School rooted in leadership and service, your classes even refelct these ideals.


The best thing about Marquette University is the opportunity to become involved with service and volunteering. Just last Sunday, I, along with many other volunteers, helped Catholic Relief Services package over 25,000 meals to be sent to Africa in the next few months. There is no other school with this type of integrity and passion for helping not just those in our surrounding community, but also those all over the world. One day I hope to help millions of people at a large scale; Marquette is the perfect place to jump start my dream.


The best thing about Marquette is our pride. Our school beams with pride for our sports, clubs, students, staff, and alumni. It is so wonderful to be a part of a community that wants you to succeed and will help you in all ways possible.


I believe that the central goal and motto of my school, Be The Difference, is the best thing about Marquette. This statement unites the students, teachers, administrators and all others involved to always do what they can personally do to elicit change in the world. All of my professors strive to connect with the students on a personal level which creates an atmosphere where they can help us to reach our goals. Clubs, sports teams, and groups of all kinds have this motto as their base and this united front is what I truly value most about my school.


The best thing about Marquette is the unity the school has. The Jesuit education at Marquette transforms individuals creating a well-rounded, educated society. At Marquette you cannot walk from one class to the next without running into at least one firmiliar face. Marquette is a well known school and alum and students bound. The campus itself is so friendly and the oneness of the university overpowers.


The best thing about Marquette University is the people. Everyone on campus is extremely friendly and willing to help anyone who needs it. Professors really care about students and and ready to help them succeed. There is just an atmosphere about campus that makes it a welcoming place that is really attractive and enjoyable.


The school spirt is one of the best things about MU. Everyone is proud to attend this university.


It has a small campus feel while still have a lot of students and diversity.


I believe the very best thing about our school is the is the overwhelming willingness to serve. The majority of Marquette students are involved in some type of activity the serves others or gives back to the community. Marquette also hosts campus wide service opportunities to encourage participation is meaningful service events.


The best thing about our school is the alumni network. You can find fellow Golden Eagles anywhere and this is a great asset during the career search.


The best thing at Marquette University is definitely the school spirit. Mostly everyone shows their pride for being a Golden Eagle by wearing apparel, attending sport games, and by participating in social groups and activities. Marquette is widely known for basketball, and everyone takes pride in their favorite team. Showing support ranges from camping out for games in 20 degree weather or by participating in game cheers just to get the stadium pumped. Marquette's school spirit is number one, and it shows everyday.


The people - not everyone, but many people I've met here are amazing and will do great things. The friends I have made here I will stay friends with after college, but those I won't stay in touch with are still people I am happy to have come across. Marquette is great for networking socially and for jobs as well.


I consider the financial resources that are offered to students to be the best thing about my school because this allowed me to be able to afford to attend college.


Hands on learning. Right away Athletic Training students are put to work with the school's teams. I had such an exciting sophomore year because I got to work with the men's basketball team. The head athletic trainer for the team was an incredible teacher. You can't learn that kind of thing in the classroom....doing is always better than hearing. It helped me realize that I made the right decision to go to Marquette and the majors I chose.


The campus community is very close knit. I see students from classes and extra curriculars all the time. If you make the effort to get involved it shows. Students say hi to one another and engage in coversations all the time. I think the campus community is one that shows our pride for our school and the fact that we care about our education. I genuinely feel that I could go up to anyone on my campus and start a conversation without it being weird or uncomfortable.


The best thing about Marquette is the many options for extracirricular activities and community service. We have a service learning program that allows students to go out to various agencies throughout Milwaukee to volunteer our time and work with the community. That along with many other options for extracirricular activities and volunteer work truly make the Marquette experience more enjoyable.


The downtown atmosphere gives Marquette's Jesuit Catholic structure a bit of edge. The University is a haven in the middle of the city, which elucidates the diversity that Milwaukee and Marquette have to offer.


What's really unique about our campus is being right in the heart of downtown Milwaukee. Everything is just a couple blocks away (at most). Also we have 2 brand new state of the art buildings that have opened within the last 2 years: our engineering and law school. Our law school has been reviewed by other representatives from all around the country and our law facility has been deemed the best. Also our engineering building has incredible lab opportunities that are just available for engineers.


The College of Professional Studies program as it allows me to attend school and complete my degree while working and taking care of my family. The mission of the school is to Be The Difference, which is exactly what I want to be.


The best thing about Marquette University is the school pride every student has and the community that comes from it. We our a family and that is visible and almost tangible at every basketball game as every student chants the school's slogan, "We Are Marquette!"


The best thing about my school is the diversity that you can notice when you take a walk on campus. For me it is the best thing because I'm an african american and I am feeling pretty well in my skin when I see that people from different cultures are all together in the same class or space.


The best thing about Marquette is that it gives you the opportunity to discover things.


I think the best thing about Marquette is it's location in the heart of downtown Milwaukee. One of the aspects of going to school in the city is that you have lots of exposure to the homeless population and that is something that changes your whole outlook on life. Having interactions with them helps you grow as a person and develop values you might otherwise not. It's also very beneficial to go to school and have internships and jobs in the same city where you want to work when you graduate because you already have those relationships built.


The best thing about Marqutte University are the small classrooms. This allows students to have greater interactions with professors. If you do not understand something, you can ask during class or stay afterwards and the professor is willing to help. Furthermore, if you are really interested in a certain topic, you can discuss more aobut it with the professor. Smaller classrooms allow the professor better cater the material to your classes's needs.


The best thing about Marquette University is the education. I am in the Honors Program and I love the stimulation and encouragement that each professor gives in order to get you to give your best effort. Marquette strives to give an Ivy-league school education with a smaller, more intimate campus size.


I believe the advising is top notch. I don't know what I would do without my advisor.


The best aspect of Marquette University is the passion that professors have for their field and their dedication to their students. Marquette professors engage their students in their classes and are committed to help their students succeeed. In addition, I love Marquette's emphasis on service and social justice within the Milwaukee community.


The thing that I consider the best thing about Marquette would be the focus and help of my advisors and professors that have really helped shaped me to help me identify what I want to do with my life.


I love everything about Marquette, but my favorite thing is the balance between work and play. The education is fabulous, but there are endless opportunities outside of the classroom to take advantage of. From basketball games to service projects throughout the city, there is always something to do. The spirit of "We Are Marquette" is evident the minute you step on campus.


The best thing about Marquette is hands down the people. Everyone here even after having only met you truly does care. I have yet to run into one person anywhere on campus that isn't happy hearted and ready to help. The faculty and staff are just as helpful and impressive, they don't hesitate to put themselves in a position to help you do well here. The support system is simply built into peoples DNA around here. It is a great enviornment for anyone let alone someone who is off to college for the first time.


All of the majors are "direct entry" at Marquette. Pretend you want to major in nursing. At most schools, you would be in a "pre-nursing program" and apply for the nursing major in your second or third year. If your grades aren't high enough, you don't get into your nursing major and you've wasted your time. At Marquette as a freshman, I am already in the College of Nursing


It really prepares you for your career


Marquette University is a great place to learn. We are surrounded by diversity (students, faculty, community), and that diversity is not only respected, but promoted as a chance for growth. The university has a large variety of programs and classes, and we are encouraged to take classes in different areas. The faculty is accomplished but also accessible to students. Although it is not a large university, Marquette offers all the advantages of a major state university, without the inherent problems of large schools. Upon graduation, students are ready to become leaders in their fields, both academically as well as morally.


The best thing about Marquette is the sense of community. It is a large enough campus where you are always meeting new people but small enough to be able to know a couple people you pass on your way to class. Marquette really tries to get you involved and there are so many opportunities. There are a lot of service opportunities available which provides you a chance to meet people with the same values as you and really connect. I've learned to really love the size of Marquette for many different reasons.


The Department of Public Safety is the best part of our campus here at Marquette. DPS is fast, responsive, and alert to all possible dangers near our campus. They are here for our safety and are faster than the Milwaukee Police Department. The limo system runs from 5 pm to 3 am and ensures rides to anywhere within campus limits. It is great to use on cold dark winter nights.


The alumni network and opportunity for internships is wonderful, and professors and alumni are very willing to help you in your career search and journey to get your degree. I also love basketball season, the campus really comes together as a community to cheer on the Golden Eagles.


The best thing about my school is how there is such a great support for achievement. There is nothing better that the positive environment that gives the students all the resources to be successful in what it is that they choose to be for the future. Also, I consider the idea of giving back to the community, empahsized on campus one of the best things of the university. There is a big importance on giving back to the community and where one came from, which is always more than rewarding.


The best thing about Marquette University is that faith, service, and love for others is interwined with each course and class no matter what subject it may be. This is the best thing about Marquette because this rounds the students making them intelligent but people with morals, values, and good hearts. These type of people are important in the world and these are the type of people Marquette University continues to educate and produce.


What I consider the best thing about school is that one is able to learn something new each time you step into the classroom. It might not seem imprtant to you right away but down the line one can always take away from something that they have learned in school. The learning experience doesn't necessarily have to be educational to that person but just as long as it was fullfilling to them mentallly that's really all that matters.


I love the interaction between students and professors. As a biomedical sciences major, I have had the opportunity to meet future professors and students within my major that I would otherwise not meet until my third and fourth year. This year alone I have gone on a breakout retreat, volunteered for the special olympics, and attended multiple biomedical sciences association meetings with professors and students all within my major. These opportunities have allowed me to build relationships with future professors who will not only be teaching me future classes but will also be writing medical school recommendation letters for me.


The best thing about my school is the sense of community on campus. There is always someone there who is willing to look after you or be there for you if you need them. The spiritual aspect of Marquette adds to this sense of community; however, it is neither overpowering or necessary to be religious in order to feel accepted. This is such a necessity because when students are away from home, they need to know they are not alone.


The best thing about Marquette University is the community in which the students are invited into. There is such a feeling of family and home when I stepped on campus. I could ask any person on the campus a question and I would get an answer. Everyone is so open with each other and there are friends out there for everyone. The professors in the Marquette community just want the students to succeed. They are there for me anytime and want the students to be successful. They want their students to leave with a real life education.


The MSCS department is the best thing because the people are very friendly and helpful there. It's a good place to both meet friends in a similar field, and to study and use computer equipment.


The best thing about Marquette is its dedication to giving students a quality education. All classes are taught by actual professors, with the TAs leading discussion sections and lab sections. Almost every professor makes themselves easily available outside of class for students who need extra assistance, and there are numerous programs around campus where students can go for tutoring help. As someone who takes their education seriously, I appreciate my school doing the same, and it's simply more satisfying for me to have to work hard for a good grade than to be handed an A without learning anything.


Friendliness and the Jesuit education. Well respected institution. Great alumni. Many activities to do both on weekends and weekdays to get away from school work.


Marquette University is a Jesuit based school. The Jesuits firmly believe that whnen you learn something, you should learn every part of it and learn to accept things that are different from what you know. At Marquette, the students are given the opportunity to reach out and try new experiences. They focus a lot on education and really learning how to live. The best thing is the care of a person's identity- cura personalis.


The basketball team and bars


It is a tight nit community that is proud and cares about its members well-being. It is a strong moral compass and does good things for the community.

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