Mars Hill University Top Questions

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It seemed isolated enough to remain focused and allow me to leave the familiar humdrum of home, but populated enough to build career connections. The weather is very sporadic, so it gives me little surprises each morning. Finally, the professors love their profession, and the one on one connection with them is helpful throughout the school year.


Mars Hill is a small school which allows the instructors to be more engaged with the students. I was considering another public university but the class sizes were in the hundreds. At Mars Hill, we can have open discussion relevant to the topics at hand and the instructor can be a part of the conversation on a more intimate level in class.


that it is right in the middle of the community


Mars Hill is unique because of the size and how family oriented everyone is here. The clogging team is also exceptional here and competes all around the world and bring back a medal each time. The mountains are beautiful and teachers make the out of home experience as nice as possible in being there for students when needed.