Mars Hill University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Mars Hill College would have to be financial aid. I say this because after your first year at collge they up your pricing becasue they only gotten you to atten their college.


The administration of mars hill college is absolutely terrible. There practices contradict the college's philosphy and only confirm the belief that higher education is turning into pure business hiding behind painted smiles. However, like in money-hungry company, if you have the cash then you'll have no problems. Someone in my situation deals with the administration quite often, and the experience is never pleasant.


I know Mars Hill college is a private school and funding may be tough, but when there are students here who are paying 20 or even 30+ thousand dollars a years, many students would expect better on-campus housing. Dormsthat look like a prison may need a face-lift, lose phone cables that have seen better days may need technincal attention, overhead lighting that causes one stress may need to be replaced and overall dirty surroundings may pose a threat to ones internal health may also need a thorough gutting. I love Mars Hill, but the dorms need attention ASAP.


Not a whole lot of parking and classrooms lack the technology of big schools.


The only thing that I can complain about my school is the fact it is not as exciting as I thought. Coming from a smaller school that had more things to do I would of thought Mars Hill would of more fun. They advise you to get more involved in school, but I have yet see something to excite my motivations of being more involved.


The worst thing about Mars Hill is the lack of interest in what the students want by the administration.