Marshall University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Marshall University is best know for having an endless thirst in the pursuit of knowledge.


Once a year, on November 14th, we all gather around the memorial fountain for a ceremony in remeberance of the plane crash of 1930. We lost our football team in staff in the fatal crash, a devestating blow, but we rose from those ashes and recovered, bringing our school even closer together than it had been before. If you don't know this story, they made a movie about it. Look up We Are Marshall.


My school, Marshall University, is best known for their outstanding school spirit and loyalty. Every person who has ever attended Marshall University would agree with my statement. No matter if our sports teams are ranked number one or one hundred the students, staff and community remain loyal to this school one hundred percent. This has to be one of the biggest reasons Marshall University attracts so many students and even visitors. Marshall is not just a university, it's a family.


Football and campus size. Campus being so condensed so that everything is in walking distance.


The November 14, 1970 plane crash that killed our football team along with the athletic director and some family members. There was a movie made on the plane crash called "We are Marshall."


Marshall is mostly known locally, but I've met several people from out of state who came to Marshall because of the movie "We Are Marshall" that came out a few years ago about the school.


Marshall University is best known for its abbilty to come toghether not only as a school, but the ability to bring a whole community. When something bad or tragic happens, my school does not dwell in it, but rises up and learns from the experience so that if it were to happen again, we would know how to deal with the situation and this makes my school a very good enviornment to be in.


The "We Are Marshall" Movie.




FOOTBALL!! They love their team.


Our school is best known for a plane crash in the 70's that killed the whole football team, fans, and coaches. There was a movie also made about the event.


Sadly enough, Marshall University is probably best known for the plane crash that occured in 1970 holding 75 members of the football team. The blockbuster movie was made recently to tell the tale of this tragedy in "We Are... Marshall." This tragedy is probably the most known thing about Marshall University however there is so much more. There is a rich academic history, a new engineering department including a brand new engineering lab building, and many other exciting new ventures.


My school Marshall Univeristy in Huntington, WV is best known for the "We Are Marshall" movie. "We Are Marshall" is a movie about about a small town college football team in which most football players as well as some faculty and staff died in a plan accident after a football game in North Carolina. And how Marshall was about to end the football program but students and faculty never gave up on their school. Marshall is also know for their libral arts program as well as biology research.


Our movie that just came out.


Probably the movie We Are Marshall, our science department, and football even though we haven't been good for a while


It's history of hard-working students and professors that all have a sense of pride for attending the university.


Marshall University is best known for 2 things: Football and Education. I do believe that I get the best education possible at Marshall and the teachers are always available for you at all times. I've learned alot there and I want to finish my Master's at Marshall.