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Describe the dorms.

The Marshall dorms are really nice for the most part. The First Year Residence Halls (North and South) are only a few years old and are really nice- each room has its own bathroom! Twin Towers (East and West) and Holderby are the older dorms on campus and not super nice- Towers has doubles and singles and Holderby is all singles. Buskirk is the all girls dorm with doubles and singles. Towers, Holderby, and Buskirk all have community bathrooms. Then there are the 4 buildings that make up Commons- Haymaker, Gibson, Wellman and Willis (the Honors dorm)- these are made up of suites- either 4 person suites with 2 doubles or 4 singles or 8 person suites with 4 doubles- with a living room, bathroom (2 for an 8 person suite) and the bedrooms.

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