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Why did you decide to go to this school?

I chose Marshall University first and foremost because it is praised for it's Fine Arts and Education program and I am a theater and english education major. Aside from the academics it just seemed to be the perfect school for me. It had reasonable class sizes that allowed me to still get individual attention from proffessors, is a big campus but compact so that everything is within walking distance, and is in a big city but still manages to keep that small town community feeling. There is always somthing to do and the whole are has a big focus on the arts. It also helped that it was two hours from home which is the perfect distance in my opinion. I'm out of the house and on my own but I can still go home if I need or want too which is somthing that I think is very important.

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I decided to come to Marshall because it has one of the top forensic programs in the country, for both undergrads and grads. I also chose it because I loved the campus- it had a really good energy to it, was pretty, and wasn't too big or too small.

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I loved the campus and the some of it. I also like to travel and meet new people so I thought it would be a great way to get to meet new people by going some where no class to home.

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