Marshall University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Difficult for students that think that they are still in High School and refuse to study. You are not in high school. Somethings will come easy while others you will need to work on. If its to easy you picked the wrong school, as well as if its way too difficult you might want to rethink your choice.


I am in the Lewis College of Business and it is a really good department to be in. I am an accounting major and all the professors I have had are very helpful and nice. I would definitely reccomend it to anyone. The requirement to get your degree are given to you your first semester and you can follow it and reference it anytime you like.


Awesome! All of the professors know you by name, unless your in an incredibly large Bio class, of like 150 people. My favorite class is psychology, my least favorite is communications.


Academics at Marshall are great, for the most part. I study quite often, and so do my friends. Students are here to better themselves. However, I do feel that some academic requirements could be adjusted. Some people have to take classes that have nothing to do with their major.


One of the great things about Marshall being such a small campus is that the professors don't deal with giant classes and are able to get to know each and every student. The professors that I have come into contact with have always been willing to help a student as much as possible in and out of class. Many of my professors have given out their personal cell phone numbers so that students are always able to get a hold of them if they have any questions about the coursework. Many of the classes involve participation and hands on work which I believe is more effective than your standard lecture classes.


I am a science major so most of my classes are science classes. One good thing about marshall is the size so students do get more attention from professors and there are some classes, like honors, classes that get more hands on experience. If you live on campus we have these things called LLC's (living learning communities) where you can live with people in your same college or interest as you. This is good for studying because there are people down the hall from you who are in the same class as you. So you can ask them for help on homework or study for a test. One good thing is that Marshall has four year plans for all of its bachelors degrees so you can see what your prospective course of study is so you can graduate in four years.


A lot of my professors know my name! All the teachers I have had have generally been very kind and personal. Studying depends on your major, from what I have observed, education majors usually never studying while nursing majors are studying all the time. Education at Marshall, specifically the nursing program is about learning and getting a job. The classes seem to try to prepare us to pass the NCLEX while generally trying to get us to retain information and know the pathophysiology of the patients we care for.


Academics at Marshall are amazing as well. The campus is personal enough that you can really get close to your professors and make friends with them. The classes are a little difficult, but you learn so much.


Classes are very intimate, about 20 per class and some professors will know your name. Best classes are the business classes, they have a strong business department. Least favorite class was Intro to the University Freshman year, where attendance was required and we'd have to share how college was going for the first semester. Class participation varies by class. English classes, and classes that require a more hands on approach, people will participate, whereas a lecture based class like Sociology will be pure listening. There is a lack of intellectual environment. People can't wait to get out of class. There is also a lack of student competition, and most kids are under-achievers. Sports management is a unique major, and they cross register with business department which is very strong. Marshall has a Career Services Center which helps you land a job shortly after college. It is supposedly very helpful your junior and senior years.