Marshall University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


As mention earlier Marshall has 13 fraternities and 7 sororities. Also, campus has a handful of student run activities and if there is something that is not here you and your friends with a professor sponsor can add the group.


The most common thing to do on campus is to join a sport, sorrority, or fraternity.


The most popular student groups are probably fraternities, sororities, and religious groups. People seem to be involved mostly in those types of groups. People are very friendly here, but we don't leave our doors open in the dorms. We like our privacy and quiet time for studying.


The most popular groups to join on campus is the fraternities and sororities. Greek Life is a big part of Marshall and while not everyone is in it, a good number of students choose to be. I'm involved with the Student Athlete program as a tutor, 3 honors societies, the Honors College and am in the pledge process of the chemistry fraternity Alpha Chi Sigma. The chem frat is definitely a good group to be in not only as a resume-builder but because they do community service and take cool trips (such as a fall amusement park trip and spring ski trip) and it's a way to interact with other science majors and professors. Athletic events are extremely popular at Marshall- mainly football and basketball. There is a memorial ceremony every November 14 to honor the plane crash that killed the Marshall football team in 1970- it's an amazing thing to be a part of. There are some things to do that don't involve drinking. There is Pullman Square which is the downtown shopping area with a movie theater, theater, restaurants and shopping and there is also the mall. There is not a lot going on on campus during the weekends unless there is a sporting event.


I am heavily involved on campus. I currently am a student ambassador, I give tours to prospective students, I am an RA in the freshmen residence halls, I am committee member for Relay for Life, and I am also in the professional chemistry fraternity. So I am always busy doing something but there is always a group for students. The great thing is if there is not a group that interest you, you and some friends can create the group or club. Athletic events are big on campus and as a full time student you receive a free ticket to all home games on a first come first serve basis. One big thing that happens every year is the plane crass ceremony, which takes place every year on November 14th. There is also something going on constantly whether its a program that is going on inside the residents halls or a musical down at the Keith Albee. We have this thing called the Marshall Artist series where full time students can get a free ticket to all events that they have going on, from international film festivals, concerts, or musicals.


There's a little everything at Marsall. The athletics department is a big part of the school, and the Campus Christian Center usually has something going on as well. There are tons of things to do around campus; for example, there's a nice coffeeshop right on the corner, and a shopping center right down the street, as well as a park.


The most popular groups on campus would be intramural/club sports. The religious groups are popular as well. Club lacrosse is a fun sport, and coming from a highly competitive lacrosse team in high school, and in a hot bed for lacrosse (northeast), I was one of the best players on the team and enjoy my experience even though we aren't great. Road trips are a blast, and most do it to stay in shape, like ex-football players, and we have a good time. Athletic events like Football and bball are very popular, and there's a decent tailgate scene for football. Drama department is good from what I see. There is a really nice theater. The dating scene okay, but at least in my experience it was mostly random hook-ups. Met my closest friends through my roommate, and having buddies with an off-campus apartment is clutch. Awake on a Tuesday at 2 am, I'm probably doing homework. Traditions include welcome back frat parties which half the school attends, halloween is always huge, and the first home football game is pretty awesome as well. Also when we host WVU in any sport things get wild. Because many of the residential students will go home for the weekend, the party week kicks off on Wednesday night. Wednesdays always get wild as well as Thursdays. Wednesday would usually be bar night and Thursday would be house parties/frat parties. Then the lack luster weekend rolls along and only the bar scene is good. A very small percentage of students are in a frat or sorority, but they make their presence known by throwing an open house every so often to keep pledges rolling in, mainly just have small, selective parties. Pi Kappa Alpha and Sig Ep are the two huge party frats on campus, but it's not your traditional southern school, where frats completely dominate the social scene. Off-campus house parties are just as prevalent. On a Saturday night if your on campus and not drinking I have no idea what you'd be doing. Huntington bar scene is okay on the weekends, but not nearly as fun as the weekdays.