Marshall University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I would brag that Marshall has a beautiful campus. It's all outside and spread out so walks to class are filled with views of trees, sunshine, and the occasional rain storm.


I brag about how the campus has a great atmosphere. I also tell them about how well people on campus interact with each other and the professors.


I love that my school is made up of buildings that are all located close together. My school is also very good with handling all of your account information and cleaning the sidewalks.


I brag mostly about the size and the benefits I recieve from that: I know my teachers who also recognize me in and out of school situations, I recognize many students on any given day walking to and from classes, and my classroom sizes are generally that from high school. I feel I found a place I can belong and become the person I want to be: the person I am at Marshall University.


The food.


I generally mention a few of the wonderful professors that I've had, as well as the people. And then I usually brag about the scholarships they offer.


I brag about the strong community on campus and how I don't feel like a statistic or a nobody. I think that everyone on this campus has a close group of friends, and you rarely if ever hear about depression.


Probably our new recreational center we just got.


My awesome dorm room and class sizes.


Professors and students are very helpful. There are plenty of resources avaliable and people are always willing to help.


Has wonderful school spirit professors helpful


It has a great journalism school.


The student to professor ratio is conducive to much student and professor interaction. The school is such that class sizes are relatively small, in relation to the student body size. This allows students to meet or communicate with professors outside of class very often if not on a regular basis. Professors at my school are eager to assist students who wish to learn more about a specific subject area, and professors also cultivate an academic interest in students, whether it be in history, languages, economics, sociology, etc. Students at my university are treated like people, not numbers.


Probably the sorority and the sisterhood. The feelings of closeness that you get from having a close knit group to study with, laugh with, and cry with. When the classes are tough and it seems like you have absorbed all you's nice to sit and chat just like you were at home in your own house.


That my school is great at academics and now football! Go Herd!


I brag about our campus. It's beautiful, small, and flat. I brag about getting to go to Division 1 football games for free. I brag about the friends I've made here.


The quality of education because our football team sucks so I can't brag on them


The online classes. Most of my degree is offered online so I can work more hours and learn what I really need to know for my degree.