Marshall University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the website. Sometimes it gets confusing trying to find important information you need. Signing up for classes and dorm rooms gets confusing because of all the steps.


There aren't many bad things about my school. I'd say the worst thing would be the lack of ability to get through a 4-year degree in 4 years. There are just so many classes that you have to take to graduate, it's dificult for most people to finish on time.


There really isn't anything that I really dislike about my school. The only thing that I could complain about is effort to not have as many forgien professors. I had two forgien professors that I had a lot of difficulties understanding and learning within the classroom. Every thing else at Marshall Univeristy seems to suit me very well.


Parking and funding for the art programs. Too much focus is placed on the graphic design area, when they also have excellent photography, painting and printmaking degrees.


I believe that it is not as personal between teachers and students as I would like. It seems that in some classes where there are 40 plus students I am not recognized as I should be.


Our mascot is a herd of buffalo. I don't think that's very cool.


I would have to say that the worst thing about this school is going to class in the snowy, cold weather during the winter months. It really isn't that bad though, and I like many more things about this school than I dislike.


The worst thing about Marshall University is the fact that they have very few locations that students can go to eat on campus. Marshall contains only one dining hall and a few small shops in its student center, giving students only a few options. Whats more is that the food in both locations is very expensive. To eat lunch in the dining hall it costs $5.75 for unlimited buffet, but the food is usually terrible and the cooks preparing the meal are very rude. I sincerely wish Marshall University would help its students with better meal options.


The worst thing about my school is that it is so far away from my home. I am over 400 miles away from my hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. It is extremely hard leaving my family and friends when I have to come back to school. I have met people that help me get my mind off of not having them here for me when I get stressed. I know that my Mom and Dad are extremely proud of me and want me to succeed at everything I do here at Marshall University.


I would say the worst thing about my school would have to be the availability of classes. Some of the classes only have a small amount of seating so it can be difficult to take the classes required.


I believe the worst thing about my school to be the high prices to attend. A parking pass for a lot (not even the garage) is $145 per year, and often it is impossible to find a parking place. Also, even when you finally find one, they are far from campus. This is inconvient for commuting students like myself. Also, taking an online class to try to fit in more credit hours toward graduation costs an extra $600 even though you never see the teacher. The new rec center is amazing, but very expensive for students at $170 per semester.


It isn't very personal, and doesn't help reveal your hidden intrests that you are unaware of. I think it doesn't influence you on a personal level. I have a tough time finding the unknown intrests in my life in order to persue my future.


The worst thing about Marshall University is receiving financial aid late. As a fellow student as well as hearing from other students, financial aid is the most frustrating. The process of receiving financial aid is inconvenient and time-consuming. As students, on a limited budget, we are not given enough time to make necessary accommodations. An example of this would be the inablitily to obtain or afford essential items, such as books, school supplies, and other expenses.


I don't know.


Parking is a MAJOR issue at Marshall. There have been recent additions built on campus, and unfortunately, they went up on the very few student parking lots we had. Parking on the main streets is paid parking. I would suggest buying at parking pass from one of the businesses surrounding Marshall, just because Marshall tends of over charge for passes and they sell more passes than they have spaces. Also, there are several lots nearby and walking is good for you! :o)


I personally have chosen a very difficult path and a difficult way to do it. I have taken 18 hours each of my three semesters in college. It is a lot of course work and that is the worst thing about my school, but then again, I have done it to myself.


The worst thing about Marshall is the lack of extensive programs because most classes for forensics aren't available until after you major in chemistry or biology. Most elaborate degrees have to be done that way.


The worst thing about Marshall University is the lack of the quality of education, and the poor quality in aiding members of the armed forces.


Some of the class rooms are not up to date with technogly. It makes it in convient to learn.


That in some ways it's still just like high school. The athletes get special treatment over regular students in many ways. I suppose that's the way it is everywhere. But it still sucks. They are more likely to get out of doing work or get out of trouble where somebody else would be in trouble. I wish everyone was treated equally. But the athletes deffinitely have an easier time of it than the rest of us.


There is not enough parking for those who drive to school or live to far to walk everyday. They do have some pay meters and things like that but most of the good parking you have to have a school permit which is like $150 a year or maybe a semester I have never looked into it because it is to much money for me to fork over.


I think the worst thing about Marshall is that it's dead on the weekends. Everyone goes home. There's nothing to do here and no one to hang out with unless you're in a frat or go to the bars and clubs. As a non-drinker this is really discouraging and I'd like to see more activities avaliable on the weekends and that don't involve alcohol.


I don't like the Huntington area. It's dangerous at night, and there's a lot of drug activity in the area not close, but not far from campus either.


Classes are hard to get, a lot are not offered at all, some are only offered every few semesters. Advisors are a joke, you know more about your classes that you havent taken than they do, which is moronic if you think about it. Some professors are just impossible to please and also some think that their class is the only one youve got so they really pile on the work, and dont care to give you a bad grade.


Everyone packs up and leaves on the weekends. Almost all students are commuters or from the surrounding areas. Therefore, the only activities available on the weekend include drinking.


it is rather small minded and not environment friendly at all


The worst thing about Marshall is probably that the various campus offices do not seem to have very good interoffice communications. Often you'll go talk to the Bursar about something and get one answer and go talk to the Registrar and get a different answer. There's a lot of running back and forth involved to find out what you need to know.


I am a non traditional student & would like to see a support group for students like me


The worst thing about MU is that the incoming lower classmen seem to have no respect for their professors. This creates sometimes an unconfortable enviroment because it can get in the way of actual learning.


The worst thing about Marshall University is parking. Theres not enough parking for those who can't afford to buy a parking pass. I have to arrive 1-1.5 hours early for class just to make sure I get a parking meter so that I don't have to walk a mile or two in the dark after classes and I can't afford to purchase a parking pass not to mention when you do buy a pass it's only good for certain parking lots which means I still have to walk a mile or more at night.