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What is the stereotype of students at Marshall University? Is this stereotype accurate?


Stereotypes? Nope. Just that football is a big deal and being small town USA that makes sense.


When I was thinking about coming to Marshall I was told that Marshall was full of drinkers who partied all the time instead of going to class. Once I got there I found that there were a select few who were like that but as long as you keep your head in the books you will make it through with no problems. I have saw those people who drank all the time when I am out and about and they usually tell me that they either failed their first semester or they are barely hanging on to D's. I have A's and B's and I can still have fun without all of the partying so don't believe everything you hear.


There are many stereotypes at my school. From being goth, a frat boy, to a LARPER(Live Action Role Player). To a certain extent they are accurate. They are a part of thast person, but they are not the total person. Like the saying goes, if you judge a book by it's cover, you might miss out on a good story...


I honestly don't think there is a "stereotype" of Marshall students. From the inside, it's hard to tell. Everyone is friendly, and no one really thinks of anyone as a specific stereotype on campus, at least from my experience.


There are 3 common stereotypes I have observed at Marshall: the frat/sorority kids, the jocks, and the rednecks (to be expected being at school in West Virginia). Not to say that everyone fits into these, because my friends and I sure don't, but there are a lot of kids like this on campus.


Well being in west virginia people seem to think the school is a bunch of rednecks. That is not totally true. There is a good mix of students here and not just one "type" of student.


I think there may be a country or red-neck stereotypical view at Marshall just because of the fact that it is in West Virginia. Regarding the students, yes there are cliques and everyone has their own friends but what I've found at Marshall is that everyone is very kind and welcoming. There are jocks, frat kids, yeagers, and those of us who are just there to get our degree. I would say that there is no specific stereotype to the students of Marshall.


There really aren't any stereotypes at Marshall. Everyone kind of just meshes together and gets along.