Marshall University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Marshall University does an excellent job providing an education to traditional students who know what they want out of there education. Marshall is a very good choice for the pursuit of a credential, offering a solid curriculum and knowledgeable faculty. Making connections, networking, and seeking advice requires motive on the part of the student. The faculty are easy to approach, but rarely extend a hand unless asked too. If you are outgoing, driven, and you know what you want in life and how to get it, Marshall is the place for you. They can take you there.


The people that attend this school should be people that enjoy a smaller community. The classes only have about 20-40 people in them. Most of the people here are kind, so anyone that wants a friendly environment should arrive. There is a moderate focus on academics, but you definitely need to stay on your toes academically.


Any person of any background can attend this school and succeed.


Anyone that wants an education


Anyone can attend this school. There are programs for everyone. We have a great nursings school, business school, and many other schools.


Those who like a laid-back, small-town lifestyle disguised in a city setting will love Marshall University and the surrounding community. Many who visit the state note that the people here are among the nicest they've ever met. Those who need to speak with a professor will also like it here, as Marshall's small class sizes mean more one-on-one opportunities. The university may refer to you as a number, but most of the individual departments know you by name.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone that wants to go to a large university that is in a nice city. The person should be interested in all that this school has to offer. There are many majors to choose from and an outstanding recreation center on campus!


Independent individuals who are looking for a college experience that will prepare them for the joys and harships of life should attend Marshall University. Given here is the chance to develop vital skills and techniques to succeed in life, while gaining valuable knowledge in the subject area of preference. The business student particularly feels acclimated to the vibrant environment born of profit and loss, where one who is proactive and anticipates potential problems will succeed. A strong personality and lasting amition will lead to gains throughout the student's life.


I believe any person who is willing to go to college should attend this school. This school is great and everyone is provided with an ample amount of opportunities.


Of course, at Marshall University anyone is welcome ; however, in order to be successful, they need to meet the academic requirements and possess qualities like determination, motivation, social skills, communication skills, organizational skills, leadership skills, and be active in organizations on and off campus.


A person who wants to achieve successfully and complete his or her degree. Also there are a lot of extra curricular activities and fraternities along with serorities for students to get involved in. The person should be outgoing and motivated for success. There is a lot of opportunity to maintain an academic life along with a social life.


Someone who didn't do very well in high school would be able to succeed in this environment.


People who love school spirit and love to learn show look into Marshall. We have a very artistc fine arts department. There's something here for everyone.


Someone who wants to go in-state in West Virginia.


This is the perfect school for the average person. It is not to big so that the school overwhelms you but it is not so small that there is nothing to do. The school is perfect for everyone from any background and provides plenty of activities that everyone could find something that they would find enjoyable. Rich, poor, or black or white, etc. it doesn't matter as everyone seems to get along pretty well here.


students thats serious to get real education for future jobs




A person should be liberal minded and should be previously exposed to a real culturally diverse cross-section of society. People from all over the world attend Marshall and they come from countries like Latin America and the Middle East. Although this is a relatively small campus, it is truly a melting pot.