Marshall University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


As a non-traditional student myself, my frustration with Marshall was the inflexibility of their scheduling. Getting a schedule that allowed me to work and be a father was a challenge and I had little help from my individual professors working out alternative arranges for various activities and situations. Often classes are offered once per year at an inconvenient time, unless your a traditional student with school being your foremost priority. Schedule flexibility becomes worse as your progress making it feel impossible to get through school in a reasonable time frame.


No one, everyone is welcome.. though people who want just the stereotypical 'party' school should keep looking.


If you like an active lifestyle with many options for entertainment, then Marshall is most definitely not the place for you. Also, those who want to experience foreign cultures will be highly disappointed. There are people from all over the country--and around the world--at Marshall, but the sampling is so small that it's difficult for outsiders to fully immerse themselves in foreign life.


If one is really interested in attending a school in a big city, this school would not be good for them. Huntington would not be around if Marshall wasn't there.


Honestly, I do not think there is a type of person that Marshall University could not accomodate. They are extremely diverse. Even I, being a shy person, felt comfortable while attending there.


Students seeking a cozy environment with a "small town feel" should not attend Marshall University. Those looking for four years of fun and parties should also not attend. The university is designed to academically service many students with many backgrounds. In a way, it is a simulation of the world in itself. Therefore, these students may find adjusting to this university very difficult, as it is not prone to being outright inviting or accomodating. However, since Marshall has a vast network of international and American students, tenacious students who have these desires may carve a niche for themselves.


I honestly do not believe there is any one certain type of person that should no go to this school. Everyone that goes here finds a way to fit in and be accepted. This school is very culturaly diverse.


Anyone strongly opposed to traditional conservative, religious beliefs.


someone who is looking for a big city kind of feel with large classrooms


Just like any other school I think that people who don't care what they get out of life should attend this school. If you have no drive I think college in general isn't really for you. There is work involved and if you don't want to work there isn't much for you.


anyone who is not serious about studying and learning to the absolute best of their ability should not apply. anyone who is only here to party, this is a full time job. you can't have other priorities while in school; it just won't work!


I don't think there is any type of student that shouldn't attend Marshall because there are a lot of programs for foreign students and students with disabilities. Although I don't have to deal with these situations, I have many friends that do, and Marshall is very accommodating to these people. Even people with lower test scores from high school can easily attend the Community and Technical college and then transfer to the University if they wish because they are both located on campus.


Anyone who cannot motivate themselves or doesn't like a small town.


I don't think anyone shouldn't attend this school, Marshall has programs for all types of people they offer help for people who need it and they have programs where people who are doing good can tutor others.


this school is right for anyone in my opinion.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone is lazy, slouthful, doesn't care and not willing to try. Because someone possess those characteristics then they don't need to be in school at all until their ready.


someone who needs big city life to not be bored


People who prefer to be a number in a large class should not attend Marshall. People who want to have a really good football team should not attend. Racists should not attend.


Someone who doesn't want to study


Anyone can attend this school. It's very open.