Martin Luther College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Martin Luther College trains men and women to be future workers in schools and churches in the Wisconsin Evangelical Luthean Synod.


Martin Luther College is a private college that specializes in education and becoming a pastor of the Lutheran faith.


A God centered school that provides the best education for future pastors, teachers and staff ministers.


MLC is a friendly Christian environment where you can meet great friends and learn how to teach children with Christ as the center of their lives.


It is a Christ-centered school where both students and professors work together to prepare you for a life of service in the church. Everyone is bonded together by that common goal, so there is a feeling of closesness among the students on campus.


I think that Martin Luther College is a great place for students to attend if they wish to become a teacher or minister due to its small class sizes, its dedicated teaching staff, and its friendly environment.