Martin Luther College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Martin Luther College? Why?


I do not like the internet because it is usually very slow and it makes it a challenge to do research or submit homework on time.


I can't think of any bad things, really, about my school


There are very few things that are bad about this college. The staff is great, the college gives you a course plan that has pretty much everything you need to do laid out for you, and the campus atmosphere is very freindly. The only things there are to comlain about is the food the cafeteria serves and, like every student, the homework. I suppose the worst things about this college are the dormitories. They are getting old and kind of look bad, but are well kept up and are not bad to live in.


It is in a smaller area so there is not quite as much for students to do on weekends . The town is small and places close early.


The lack of communication when something really important happens. The fact that students have to dig so much just to get part of an answer. Especially for things that are concerning their own education and course through the school.


The surrouding town is small, and there is not much excitement, unless you really go out and try to find some.


It is far away from a large city--two hours. I am used to living in Milwaukee, so coming here was a big adjustment.


Credits do not transfer in very well


cold weather


Since it is located in a smaller town, it is sometimes hard to stay up to date with what is happening in the world around you. It sometimes gets the 'campus bubble' feeling.