Martin Luther College Top Questions

What should every freshman at Martin Luther College know before they start?


I would tell myself to take all classes seriously. If I missed out on anything during my college experience, it was completely my fault. I know that I learned a lot during my time at Martin Luther College, but I know that I could have learned much more had I taken each class seriously. There were times I did not try very hard in classes and chose to spend my time on other things. I would tell myself to study harder and to go above and beyond what the curriculem required.


I would tell myself to take school seriously and to try my hardest. The grades you get in high school do matter. They are the grades that will help you get scholarships. I would also tell myself to be more responsible especially when it comes to money. College is expensive and whatever you do not have saved up you are going to end up taking out in loans. Remember to use the gifts that God has given you and he will bless you in the end.


Through attending college I have gained an experience which I could have not gained elsewhere. First and foremost, I have received the education necessary to be adept for the job which I am pursuing, and will be placed in at graduation. Apart from the academic benefit of attending college, I have made friends which I will be able to connect with for the rest of my life. Also, the college which I am attending has placed me in a community of fellow workers who will continue to support me throughout my ministry. Overall, my college experience so far has allowed me to grow into the young woman that I am. I would never take this experience for granted, because I know that each and every day brings me one step closer to fulfilling my dreams.


I would tell myself to take school a little more seriously and not try to just slide by with the bare minimum. I probably would tell myself to take a few more college courses and dual credit classes.


I would tell myself is to listen to my dad when he told me to apply for scholarships right away, and apply for as many scholarships that I can. Waiting to apply can is one of the worst things, because may have to take out many more loans than you may want. As for the transition to college life I would let myself know that I would be getting homesick and that it was something that I should try to not let get to me, and to just find ways to keep myself busy. Another thing is that college classes are in some ways similar to high school classes, except you need to learn to study, the tests in college are harder then you may think. Besides these few things I don?t really think that I would change anything else about my college life.


Searching for the right school can be a very difficult thing to do. Students should have in mind what they think is important in a school . Students should make a list to help compare what it was they need or want in schools. Students should also do their homework. Difficult as it may be for college students college is about learning for the future and for getting a job, especially in this economy.


Students need to reflect upon themselves and find out what they enjoy doing. From there they need to look for a college that focuses on those interests. Get as much information on the college or colleges that you find and read up on them so you can make an honest and good decision. To make the most of a college experience I would say the best way to do this is to have students pay for as much of their tuition as they can on their own. It becomes more personal that way. Students are more likely to focus and do a better job then, because if they don't it is their money that they are waisting and not someone elses. It also gives a person a taste of what it is like to be on your own, but you still have that family base to fall on when it is needed. Another thing that will help a student make the most of college is getting as involved as possible without grades getting bad. The more active you are in extra curriculars, the more you will feel a part of the school. It also helps as a homework break.


I would advise parents and students to look for the college or university that best fits them, a college where they feel the most comfortable and have the most opportunities to do what they think they want to do. Make the most of your years in college. Study, but don't spend your whole life studying or you will miss out on the wonderful friendships you make during your college years.


Look for a college that supports the values you find important. A school where you can get the help and support you need through your studies and your personal life will be very helpful throughout your college career.


Be open. Your student might not know exactly what they want to do, and that's okay. If they decide they want to switch colleges to figure out what they want to do, let them. Also, college for many, is a huge step toward being independent. Let your student be independent. College is about studying for what you want to do in life. It's a big desicion. Parents should offer advice and insight, but overall it has to be the students choice. Students should think about what they enjoy doing. There's a college out there for everything these days. If you can't enjoy the career that you chose to study, then....well...............why wouldn't you want to enjoy your career?