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What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?

Stereotypes? Alot of people say this school is gay. To be honest, this school has a lot of gays. Theres alot of lesbians and bisexuals and girls who come here straight and turn gay. We have these terms called bugs and lugs. (bi untill graduation & gay untill graduation). Theres a military program here and it's suppose to be really good, but it isn't very legit yet. I'm currently in the program, and its like they dummy down and feminize what the military is actually like. We wear pearls, and v-necs, and even march differently. It is'nt the best program if you're tryna get a real military college life experience. This program also contains majority of the lesbians and butches. This school, especially the program has had many complaints about prejudice and racism. I've even encountered some of it. I had to go speak with the dean of the school in order for them to see it and do something about it. I'm not trying to give the school a bad review. This school is really good for some people, especially those who are reallly into art.

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Mary Baldwin girls are known for wearing ribbons and pearls. It's a stereotype that is true a lot of the time. There is also a stereotype that most of the girls are lesbians. This is not true at all. Of course there are lesbians on campus, but there are also straight females. Just because you go to a female college does not mean you are a lesbian. Also, because Mary Baldwin is a private college, many think that you have to be rich to be here. That is far from the truth. Mary Baldwin offers a huge amount of scholarships to most if not all students. So the students here are very diverse when it comes to income.

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