Mary Baldwin University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


We are best known for our mascot Gladys the fighting squirrel.


My school I feel is best known for either the Virgina Women's Institute for Leadership or the Program for the Exceptionally Gifted. These are known as VWIL and PEG. As a PEG student I was able to leave high school early and this program gives many girls the same oppurtunity. VWIL is the only all female cadet corps in the world. MBC also has a lot of international and study abroad programs.


A women's college with a gifted program and a women's military leadership program.


My school is best known for developing strong, independent, opinionated women. Most of all they are best known for their education. They also have a great networking system, which helps for graduates to achieve the jobs or internships they truely want.


Best known...for being an academically rigorous school.


Being an all girl private school, having a great basketball team, its academics, and its theather.


It seems to be well known for being well known. Everytime I mention to an adult that I'm attending MBC they tend to say "Oh yes, I've heard of them. Good school." without actually knowing anything about it.

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