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I already talked about the small class size, which most colleges don't have. The other unique feature Mary Baldwin has is that they let you choose when you can take your finals. They give you two or three three-hour blocks on a set number of days during which you can choose which final to take and when.


What I feel is unique about Mary Baldwin College is that class sizes are no bigger than 20 students. The teachers live near campus and are always available. There are numerous tutor sessions around campus that are available most nights of the week.


The early college program is, frankly, the only reason a straight person would even consider coming here, and it doesn't deserve to be nearly as prestigious as it attempts to brand itself; however, MBC offers a LOT of financial aid, I suppose that's another reason. And, because it's a small school, undergraduate research is very easy to snag.


Small class size, special program for early entrance. All women


Well, Mary Baldwin College is a private school, which is what I was looking for in the first place. But what makes MBC different from many other private schools is that it is a women's college. The campus is small which makes it easier for me to focus on my studies.


I only considered one other school, and that was a conservative Christian school. What's unique about MBC compared with the other is that students here are much more open-minded and willing to accept belief systems that are not their own.


It's a lot smaller than any other school I looked at. MBC is very class oriented, if your going to go there be ready to study.

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