Mary Baldwin University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


The classes are small, maybe 15 to 20 students in each class. This school has some good teachers but they also have their share of bad ones.


The classes are amazing. Each professor goes out of their way to get to know you. I know a lot of small colleges claim that, but at MBC it is TRUE. The professors become your friend and mentors.


MBC has a low fac/student ratio and the average class size is 16.7. Right now MBC requires 132 credits to graduate ... often a difficult task, but when you've got May Term ... definitely doable! The theatre department at MBC is wonderful. You aren't just an actress or just a tech person. You can be all! With 5 shows a season (often one or two will be directed by students -- with a student-directed one-act play festival offered every other year), there are many opportunities to stay involved.

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