Mary Baldwin University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Theres nothing really bad about Mary Baldwin , its located in a small town so its really quiet. Its a small school so everyone knows everybody.


I feel the worst things about Mary Baldwin College are the dining services. There are set hours in which you have to go to eat, or you do not get a meal. Also, you are allowed three meals a day and you can not take coffee or even a piece of fruit out of the dining hall. Most of the meals they serve are exotic. They do not know what a simple meal consisit of . Who in college eats pigs feet for lunch? EW.


The hills are by far the worst thing at Mary Baldwin. You will not get used to them untill the end of your first year. They make going from lower to upper campus dreadful. Some people dislike the small town feel, but personally I think it gives a more relaxed atmosphere for study. There are less distractions at Mary Baldwin. Despite this we manage to have a ton of fun in our spare time.


I don't have very much to complain about, but the worst thing would have to be the general education requirements. I'm not entirely sure how they match up with other schools' requirements, but it just seems as if there are a lot. I transferred to Mary Baldwin during my junior year, so it's somewhat stressful to know that I only have two years to fit in my major and minor requirements and any missing general education requirements.


The worst thing about Mary Baldwin College, would be the walk to class, everything is up hill or down hill.


Administration can be inflexable when helping students with a problem they're having with a system, be it housing or food. The president wastes money painting the outsides of buildings and recarpeting her house while the roof on the art building colapses and there are huge holes in the walls in the science building.

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