Mary Baldwin University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A female who is motivated by change, open to new ideas, and hungry for recognition and success should attend Mary Baldwin College. She should be eager to consume the material each professor presents, as she will be closely working with them in the small school environment. In addition, she should channel her leadership potential to take advantage of all that the College has to offer.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who is responsible and that prefers small classes. You have to be responsible at any college really because you have to manage your own time and schdule. Teachers as well as your peers are not going to wake you up to eat or attend class. The classes are small compared to most schools and that gives the professor a chance to interact and build a connection with all the students.


To attend this school you should be very nice to others and out going. Youhave to be hard working and eager to learn different thing. You have to be polite, everyone here is pretty respectful. You have to be dedicated to your work it can get pretty distracting if you get bored easily.


Someone younger.


The kind of person that would do well at Mary Baldwin is the artistic, creative type. She should be proud of her femininity and strong in her beliefs, as Mary Baldwin will help to enhance such pride and strength. A woman who wants to be empowered mentally, intellectually and creatively should attend this college.


People who want to skip high school. Military geared students and anyone who wants to go to an all girls school in the middle of nowhere.


I would suggest anyone who is looking for a small school, and the opportunity to be able to have a close relationship with your professors, and someone who is looking for the option to choose how you want to work your schedule, and anyone who is interested in their bacground, and have already chosen a specific major, because their is a lot to learn, and all the programs are great.


Someone, specifically a girl, who would like to keep learning, enjoys trying new things, celebrates differences.


Someone who is willing to open themselves to women of many different lifestyles and backgrounds. Most people are liberal, but I had a wonderful time as a conservative. You learn to live with women from all walks of life because it is a residential campus and you learn to bond and stand by other women when the rest of world does not.


Mary Baldwin College is for liberal lesbians who don't give a crap or for Southern Bells who secretly hate the lesbians, but would never soil their social graces and say so.


A person who is very school oriented and focused on achieving great things in life. Someone Who likes a small community that is respectful of our opinions. Someone who likes one on one contact with their teachers and other students, which provides learning based on group discussions, not just teachers lecturing. There is a lot of hands on learning and trips out in to the "real" world of their professional field.


Determined, open-minded, culturally aware and adaptive,accepting.


Someone who likes a small school environment, small classes, and can ignore drama. If your very focused on your studies and getting the best education you can MBC is for you.


To attend this school you must want to learn and make life long friends. This school has a lot of opportunities for people that want to succeed in life. Also, it has many activites on campus that will keep you ocuppied.

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