Maryland Institute College of Art Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are passionate about what they do and put in the effort to realize their full ability and potential.


Every class differs slightly but mostly they are kind and helpful with giving constructive criticism on other students' works.


They are totally awesome, They are really fun to hang out with and I really do enjoy having class with them.


We are students that never stop continuing to discover life in the form of art.

Ya Han

The students at Maryland Institute College of Art are very expressive regarding their feelings. They learn to embrace themselves and express their life stories and feelings through the art they create. It is a completely different atmosphere to be interacting with other students at Maryland Institute College of Art, where everyone is accepted for who they are rather than who they should be. This is a place to make close friends that can be considered as family members.


Being a semester "off," as in Spring, we were all the outcasts comapred to the fall semester Freshman, but even still, it bound us together and made us closer and more comfortable with the smaller group, rather than immedaitely being thrown into a pond filled with big fish.


I am constantly surrounded by other artists, my classmates, who nurture me in my artistic growth. I've learned as much from my classmates as I have from my teachers.


My classmates are a vibrant and diverse group of students that all share a common interest in art, an open-minded spirit, and a craving to enhance their artistic abilities as well as their general knowledge of the world.


Everyone is their own person and feels comfortable in being that.


Very diverse, intelligent and creative.


The majority of my classmates are extremely passionate, hungry to learn, and willing to stay awake for days in an effort to try and achieve things that they never thought they could have.


My classmates are a diverse body of ecclectic, varied minds that are a constant inspiration.


MICA students are as different from one another as snow flakes. 'Preps' sit with 'punk' who sits with 'alt emo' who are friends with 'pocket-protector wearing geeks' who are dating 'cyber goths' who are best friends with 'white grunge reggae' who have crush on 'Mr. Rapper-rap-rappy-pants' etc. An honestly if you believe in keeping stereotypes you'll quickly see that MICA doesn't want you're kind. We like everyone. Well ... maybe not the vegans, they make up a fourth of the school and are usually a bit too happy in sharing their beliefs about animal rights.


Everyone strives to be different.


my classes are made up of mostly liberal, aspiering artists


We helped out eachother by giving each other advice.


They are very diverse and very into the subject matter of the classes we take.


The best people on earth




classmates are enthusiastic and always privide feedback for discussions and crtiques.


My classmates are proud of their individualities. As artists, the students at MICA embrace being different and self-expression. Most of the students here work very hard in their studios and are open to talking about their artwork. There doesn't seem to be a huge party scene, most students will go to dance parties on the weekends and drink then, but for the most part, they work very hard during the week.


A little (or a lot) pretentious, but generally into having fun and being friendly with everyone.


My peers are artistic, sometimes too artistic.


Classmates seem to be very open to new ideas and concepts, usually love to be listened to or voice their opinion, although often times lack in basic "self maintainance", don't know what they want out of life, or where they are going... have done little to prepare themselves for the world they are about to enter, seem fairly immature.


Some of my classmates don't take their classes seriously so it's difficult to keep the learning environment serious through the joking, lateness, and rudeness to the professors; others are extremely driven and are wonderful to work with.


We are serious investigators and experimenters, great debaters, hard workers, hilarious clowns, party animals, great dancers, and open minded thought-provokers, all at the same time.


I am constantly surrounded by many unique, talented, and hard-working young artists in all of my classes who are always generous with exchanging suggestions and thoughts on improving one another's work when needed.


My classmates are very focused on their own work and productivity in school which is a good thing. But this also makes it hard to create a balanced community of healthy people, not just ambitious artists. Lack of interest in athletics and subjects outside of art makes this a stressful environment and it has made me realize the importance of these things in my post-graduate life. Alot of people are close minded about things outside of the art world because they don't exist outside of their self contructed college identities.


The students at MICA are generally pretty trendy or respectfully grungey.