Maryland Institute College of Art Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for its high ranking art education degrees.


MICA is best known for its fine arts program which is widely recognized as among the top 3 in the US, alongside Yale and Rhode Island. The school is well reputed around the world in many different countries.


It's strive to create great artist and being the 3rd top art school in america. Also their multiple art programs that are reconized around the country.


MICA is ranked as one of the leading art schools in the nation, and is known for the strong community it has created. MICA is like a family, with professors as parents, students as teachers, and all of the internships and businesses being close cousins. Even the cafeteria staff and custodians are respected, because MICA students have a generally open attitude and a strong desire to interact and understand the community around them. MICA is known for what its students produce: great artwork, a positive community, and respected graduates.


My school is probably known for being one of the oldest art schools in the United States, a very accomplished school.


ART. Visualizing an idea into visual representations.




The amazing work that comes out of it. We have some really solid departments and are one of the best art schools in the country. We have an excellent painting program and an ever-developing graphic design graduate department.


We are one of the two most competitive art schools on the east coast. Some of the most respected artists in the county obtained their degree here. Art is what we all live for, and we all love it. People recognize that quality in MICA students and appreciate that in addition to the competitive art.


Our school is certainly know for its painting department, one of if not the best in the country, and simply its broad spectrum of offered classes and majors circumferencing the art realm. Although we are often seen as, and should be in most cases, "art students", lacking basic business, presentation, and people skills.


MICA is best know for its painting, fibers, and foundation programs. Foundation year is crucial because high school graduates come from all over the country with different skill levels and their first year allows them to take courses that will enhance the work of those who need it which over all evens the slate. This works well in creating a close knit community where artists can openly support and influence eachothers work and future.


MICA is best known for its wide array of all sorts of art classes that everyone at my school can experiment with. From experimental animation to painting, each class has a well informed teacher who are also part time artists themselves. My school is most famous for their painting program because of all the knowledgable and inspiring teachers. Located in Baltimore, MICA is a well acredited art school that is rated one of the top 3 art schools in the country. I agree from first hand experience-- I learned more my freshmen year than any other year of my life.