Maryland Institute College of Art Top Questions

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As an art school, students are encouraged to think critically. Coming into the school, I have never thought like that before. It is amazing where my thinking has come to where it is now. MICA set it's students up for creative thinking.


The most unique thing about my school is that we all come ready to excel at our methods from all around the world, and we are extremely dedicated to mastering our craft on all levels of art making. Our classes are usually at a minimum of about 30 students, everyone's really friendly, and all staff and faculty eventually become our friends.


My school has an exchane program with other schools in the city. I ca attend ay school for a tuition echane and take couses at any school accepting the exchang. My education will not be limited.


Not only am I learning typical artistic skills such as color theory or rendering proportional figures but I now think and question my process and approaches. Basically, I get to be self indulgent and think about my relationship with my art through exploration. I am learning that to be an artist means begin a historian, researcher, writer, philosopher, and most importantly and observer. Plus I get to go to art school and do what I love all day plus be surrounded by colorful personalities.


This is a very cut throught school it is also the top forth art school in the nation.


well, it's a very prolific art school, many different typles of teaching and learning styles. good facilities


Rather concisely... location, faculty, and overal feel.


MICA caters exclusively to art students. The studio classes are very good and are held once a week for six hours. Academic classes are also only once a week, but they last three hours. The teachers have high expectations and the students generally graduate with strong portfolios. The school offers unique study abroad programs and internship opportunities. For example, I was able to spend a semester in New York City working with NBC news. The school also encourages students to become active participants in the community. Another unique aspect is the school allows students to bring dogs to most classes.


The most unique quality about MICA is its size. It's small enough to allow one to know alot of students, yet large enough for it not to feel Claustrophobic.


Well it is an art school, close to home, and i had heard really good things about it from everyone who graduated. Plus the job acceptance rate after is good and with some very well established places.


MICA is one of the top art schools in the country. Because it's a small private institution, the "college environment" is completely different from that of most other schools. Unlike large liberal arts or state schools, there are no fraternities or sororities, athletic teams, or even a mascot or school colors. The population is very small and diverse. Because all of the majors are in the visual arts, students overall seem to have a better sense of what they want to do, even as freshmen/are more invested in their work.


Every single other school I applied to was a liberal arts college offering an equal amount of courses in a veriety of subjects, including math, sicence, english, social studies, and all the inbetweens, art was one of the many offered. Here at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) everything is about art. Even the few classes considered academic are art or art history related. MICA is an extrememyl focused school. You will gratuate from MICA in the top tier of whatever profession you decide to take study in.


this is the only art school i considered. mica offers a more in-depth technical and conceptual study and practice of art and it's history and theory than liberal-art schools, as well as encourages students to take initiative to improve their work through individual research, and provides discussion with and criticism and lectures from a variety of successful artists within our field.


The most unique quality about MICA is the amount of diversity and the genuine acceptance of that diversity. Each student at this school was once singular at their high school. In some cases they were considered "the freak" or "weirdo" among the social network, but at MICA they don't simply blend into the background with the others with a similar history, they maintain their individuality and identity, they are just simply one among many unique cases, all of which are welcomed and praised for it.


Here at MICA I tend to find that tattoos and other forms of body art have developed past previous use. Tattoos here have taken on a different form of design and are much more beautiful than one would expect. The art in the artistic community around this area, tends to move quicker and more drastically than outside of the MICA comminity. That for me is a wonderful experience and I do enjoy it.


MICA is a very prestigious art school with a great reputation with a great variety of very well experienced professors who know how to teach art at a very successful approach.