Maryland Institute College of Art Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I think the schedule at MICA is a lot better than outside universities and colleges. I have only one class a day, and although they are still between 4 and 6 hours long, they are just as stressful as having eight classes a day, but the fact that I have so much time outisde of class to do homework, have a social life, and have a part time job keeps me satisfied.


The teachers and the dorms. Most, if not all of the instructor's I've had so far while attending MICA have been overwhelmingly helpful, and have enriched my education immensely. Additionally, the Freshman dorms are beyond what I ever would have expected for a first-year college living experience. Every dorm is set up apartment style, complete with a full kitchen and bathroom, with plenty of space for you and all your housemates.


I love to brag about how great my teachers are! I was able to research their careers as not only educators but also as working artists and that ha helped a lot. I love working with such experienced individuals who are so focused on helping others with their own work!


how good the classes are


The high level of achievement of other people in my classes and that MICA has one of the top painting programs in the country. The faculty are also really well connected and established within their fields.


Our school has internationally recognized faculty and constantly invites quality guest lecturers. I like telling my friends about my involvement and achievements at school, be it something as simple at my projects or how I got nominated for student council then unanimously elected as secretary. I like telling them about my own work at MICA, such as helping to start a publication--but I like highlighting how MICA is a really great quality school and oriented towards its students' success in the long run.


Only that the Professors are really good.


MICA is a competative art school, and you have to be the best to attend. What I brag about most is my work load; students are so busy with projects and career internships we are truly attending college, not just an extension of high school.


All of the amazing, diverse classes we have. We work really harder (harder than most colleges in my opinion) but we work with both sides of our brain on most projects. It is really intense but in a good way. The classes are really interesting and we learn a lot.


I brag about how creative and exciting everyone is, and how gorgeous the buildings are.


Well I wouldn't call it bragging, but I tend to relay incredible, intense discussions that happen in critiques, and I always talk about amazing art work I've seen at my school.


I get a lot of opportunities for internships, and the neighborhood I live in although off campus, is awesome.


The job rate for graduates from MICA