Maryland Institute College of Art Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


MICA is a great College. The cost is the worst thing about my school. It is very expensive to attend this prestegious college.


Nothing can be worse than seeing students who take art lightly; people who take it merely as an escape from academics. Not only the atmosphere gets destructed, but also art becomes a tool to get themselves to a better career instead of really investigating the philosophy of it.


The worst thing about my school is where it is located. I like the city of Baltimore well enough, but the crime rate is rather high. There is always a new story about a mugging on campus, and quite frankly it is kind of terrifying.


The worst thing about the Maryland Institute is its location in the center of Baltimore. With any school located in a city it has it's crime flare ups which on occasion finds it's way into the school's vicinity.


The worst thing about my school is the cost of education. Tuition itself is $17,000 + per school year. Aside from tuition we are also REQUIRED to pay a few thousand for items such as "STUDENT ACTIVITIES (non-refundable, mandatory payment even if we never participate)", "TECHNOLOGY", etcetera. With all the other items a full school year at the Maryland Institute College of Art actually costs something more like $43,000 and that is NOT including materials and supplies, rent, food, and transportaion. This school is very, very expensive.


There is nothing that I dislike about my school. Something that is difficult for me to handle is the cost. Maryland Institute College of Art is very, very expensive and is something that I cannot pay for on my own. They offer great scholarships, but it is still not enough. In the end, though, the cost is worth the education there.


Honestly, there isn't anything negative to say about MICA. It is one of the best art schools in the United Satates.


The gym facilities. This may seem like a wierd answer, but seriously just because we go to an art school doesn't mean we have to give up on being healthy. It is a known and prove fact that exercise reduces stress levels. I only wish MICA had a larger gym, or even access to a near by pool.


The school is still adjusting to on campus housing. There are many small groups of friends but there are not many opportunities to meet the entire student body


The worst thing about the school is probably that we have a lot of truly amaziing classes but only so much space in them but if the classes were any bigger they wouldn't be as individualized and good.


The amount of faux-deversity on our campus. There is just som much emphasis on being deverse it just gets dull after a while. Deversity is an awesome thing, but when it's consistantly in the spotlight, is it really that special?


the people


The predominant liberal spirit and mind--they say they are open and unbiased, but really, this is their bias: having a lack of other thoughts projected in the form of faculty bodies in classrooms across the spectrum, not jut politically but in other areas such as religious/spiritual/social/racial/etc.


The size of the school could be a little bigger, you get stuck with the same people for too long, but you do get to know them really well so its not all that bad.


I think the worst thing about my school is the general constant stress that everyone has. Lots of people are constantly drinking coffee and pulling all-nighters to get homework done. There aren't many sports, and so most people are in their studios for the majority of the day, caffeinated, and they kind of lose touch with reality.


The worst thing about my school is not having a sports team. I like volleyball alot, and would like to join a school team, however, my school has no teams. We only have sport clubs, such as the soccer club or running club. I would like a team where i can be competetive with other schools. The only volleyball club we have is also coed. and is not an actual team.


Some times in an environment where students are so starkly liberal, it becomes difficult for those who are of the more conservative view to be accepted ( as much as liberals attempt to say they are accepting in an artistic community). Sometimes I also feel that the imphasis on being racially accepting, puts those of caucasian decent at a dissatvantage, and turns the race game on them (caucasians). Other than that sometimes the campus can feel a little dangerous, but the police and campus safety are usually quick to respond and clean up the area.


When I was accepted at MICA it was made clear that the majority of students received finanical aid through scholarships. It is true. I believe every student I know here has some amount of scholarship money awarded through MICA. Being one of these students fortunate enough to have received a small scholarship each year, I feel honored. However the school is incredibly expensive, and financial aid is becoming more needed for my family each year with tuition continuing to rise. I wish scholarship opportunities for undergraduate students were more available.


The worst thing about MICA is that it does not target a wide veriety of ethnic cultures into its sociostructure. There are a couple dozen if not even of students representing latinos, muslims, african americans, native americans, southeast asian, among others which would help our learning experience evolve further.