Maryland Institute College of Art Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


MICA has good people here. They offer a diverse range of classes and majors and truly allow the student to get an education that is rich in diversity and to obtain a breadth of skill in different art fields. This isn't your grandaddy's way of thinking about art! It's a small school, we keep the riff raff out. But that's good because you know everyone and you never get lost in the crowd. You can have lunch with teachers, dean's, and friends and it's all cool. The one downside (maybe?) is that freshmen don't intermingle with upper classmen as much because they have special classes designed for incoming art students. Baltimore City has 7+ colleges right near by. You can take a bus and go to John Hopkins, Toson, etc. University of Baltimore is less then a block away - but it still isn't over populated with 'college kids' it's nice. MICA has breathing room from the stupid parts a big university offers but is still close enough to visit the good. MICA has its own unique flavor. People are pretty smart here, and they love talking about things. That's the most exciting thing.