Maryland Institute College of Art Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone who wants to learn more about the arts in a welcoming environment. The school offers a vast array of majors from which students can take classes.


Someone who wants education in art. Someone who is OK with the fact that MICA is in a ghetto area.


Everyone, its a good school


Being that it is an Art school, and Art schools have a reputation, I would say that people with an opened mind would fit in; an open mind, but not an open mouth. It sometimes becomes difficult when polotics, religion and gender seem to always be the favorite topics of the staff and students alike. I am only in my first year, but the people buzzing around me are all very unique, individual curiosities in and of themselves. I find myself also falling into this category. You are an interesting human being to attend here, that's for sure.


Anyne who is dedicated to their art.


Anyone who wants to be at a school where everyone is working their absolute hardest, not because of grades, but because of the satisfaction that comes from making a piece that you can be really proud of. This person should be very devoted to art in general and love doing it. Also very important, this person should be very open-minded and accepting of new things that may seem odd or unorthodox.


Everyone is welcome! There is no one type of person that is welcome to the school because everyone is welcome and definitely well accepted.


First someone who whole heartedly interested in the arts. Next, one who feels they will contribute to the art world by challenging the viewer and themselves. Finally someone who will take MICA by force regardless of intensity (talent and conceptual ideas), they must know what they put in, is what they get out.


a creative artistic abstract thinking person


Willing to live in an urban area, who does not care fro a campus setting and willing to explore what the city has to offer


The kind of person that should attend this school is people that have a deep passion for what they want to do with their life. It's a challenge, but it's worth it.


Someone who is willing to dedicate their lives to art.


Ver artistic focused


People who are artistic, or have a love for the arts should attend MICA. It is a very good school becuase of the people that are in it. The students and staff are all very friendly and we have created a community of artists where we are constantly surrounded by bright, creative and insipration artwork and people. MICA is very student friendly and is a place where anyone can express themselves freely without being judge and can show the world their artist talents.


A person who wants a career in art, and is passionate about it.


MICA is very work intensive, so anyone considering this school should be ready to put in the hours. People who come here are typically very creative and independent thinkers. If you are the type of person who is constantly flipping your homework over and drawing on the back, then you might enjoy MICA. Students who come here should be ready to handle the unique (yet not entirely safe) atmosphere that is the city of Baltimore. Overall, if you love to create, then you might love MICA.


Artistic, open minded students that don't mind a small and economically challenged city.


MICA is a close community of artist. It is an inviting and warm school, with warm faculty and students. Creative, open minded people should attend MICA.


I think any person should attend, of course they should have more than a casual interst in art. Most any open minded personality type owuld fit in, hard workers, and anyone willing to learn differnt skills