Maryland Institute College of Art Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?

Ya Han

The most frustrating thing about Maryland Institute College of Art is the working process. The teachers and students all have such high expectations that it takes a lot of energy and time to produce the perfect piece. From time to time students will experience artist-block as well and need time for inspirations to hit, and then to allow enough time for the inspirations and ideas to transfer onto art mediums.


Attending a college ranked as the fourth best art school in the country is an absolute honor. Because I am so talented and passionate toward the arts, I feel that I deserve to be a student at the Maryland Institute College of Art but I don't deserve to suffer because I can't afford it. It's wrong to tell a deserving person that they can't have opportunities to do great things because they cant afford them. It's supposed to be about the art, not the money, and that is the most frustrating thing about my school.


People can be pretentious and it is very expensive!


Mostly little things such as technical equipment and the way the budget is spent sometimes.


There are very few things that are frustrating about Maryland Institute College of Art. The Financial Aid department is excellent, they are willing to hear your problems and help you find a solution to them. The facilities are outstanding, I don't have one single complaint about them. The campus is beautiful and very well-maintained. The teachers are all completely on top of what they're doing and are often very cutting edge. I am completely happy with my school.


the price


its expensive. REALLY REALLY REALLY expensive


During the last few years, I began to get really focused in a career direction that my was a little different then my major, so my chairperson did not quite know how to teach me. My major was for product design and architectural design and i became interested in Exhibit design for museums.


The most frustrating thing for me is feeling like I've made something awesome, and then I bring it to class and someone or everyone else has made something that makes mine look terrible. It's also very frustrating doing so many school assignments that it's hard to pin down what I really want to be doing, and it's hard to adjust to the workload so that you can find time to do the things you want to do.


A few things frustrate me about this school. academic advising is not very personal. housing is expensive, with many issues. tuition is growing and does not reflect the needs of the students in terms of their ability to pay. campus safety is short staffed. Evening shuttles transportation from building to needs improvement. Even at this small school Imporvements take a long time if they are ever heard after "run-arounds" and "offical statements."


Lack of respect resources and funds for the animation department


Too many students, not enough space.


The beds in the new dorm at the gateway are really awkward.


The city of Balitmore, the school does not have a campus like a traditional college, all the facilities are within 3 blocks of each other, so you have to walk to class, it is a nice residential neighborhood but like any city there are good and bad parts and some bad comes into this area, and crimes against students like robbery do happen, so the most frustrating thing is to be on gaurd when you outside all the time


I would have to say that the most frustrating thing about The Maryland Institute College of Art is their occasional lack of organization. The administration department is great and never fails to meet a deadline or help you in any way, but after that there are some flaws in the system. For example, the school website is new and very faulty. It's sometimes diffcult to find what you're looking for or to use the programs they provide.


They lie about scholarships and financial aid which is why I can barely afford to go.


The high (and growing) cost of tuition, and the ratio of the amount of financial aid we get versus the amount we need to pay. There is also the fact that although scholarships are offered, it's rarely enough money even if you do win; which, given the number of applicants, is about as easy as toilet training a cat. There are winners, but not enough to make your chances on painlessly paying your way through college much better.