Maryland Institute College of Art Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I knew how little pre-production classes there are and how many general fine arts classes I would have to take.


I wish I had known how to properly interact with my instructors and form connections quickly because I feel like I have lost a lot of chances to do so just after my first year.


How hard it would be to get financial assistance. If you do not get as much as you need from the school, you have to strive to get money from other sources.


I had done thorough research of my school before I had attended; however, I wish I had known that it's hard for a transfer student to make friends. The college is set up so you are friends with the incoming freshmen, and that you build strong relationships with your peers. As an older student, and a transfer who was commuting, I find it hard to find people in my situation. A lot of the students here are great, but they are all so very young.


Baltimore is a charming city


I wish I had known about the weather in Baltimore! I understand that it can be crazy because it is a coastal city, but it is kind of hard to do a painting outside a window when it is sunny before lunch, but when you come back it is raining outside. Same goes for bringing supplies to and from class: it can be a little difficult, but I find that it's worth it anyways.


I wish i had known how windy the campus is!


I wish that I had known more about city life in the north, being from a small town in the south, it took me a long time to adjust.


I wish I knew more about art in general. I was schooled in very realistic and academic art and was sheltered from the conceptual side. When I came to MICA, I was completely shell shocked by the variety and intellectual side of art.


To be quite honest... I can't think of anything. Everything I have learned while attending this school has proved to be an excellent experience that I would never trade.


Before I came to this school I wish I had known more about the class structure and that I researched my interests before I had come to the school so I had a clear idea of what I would like to take.


I wish I had known about some of the dangerous areas around the campus. It wouldn't have changed my decision, but I wish I had known.


more about double majoring, partnerships with neighboring schools, degree plans


Balanced life between work and play.


How small/unfocused my major is.


Classmates who I would be working with for next 4 years.


that Baltimore is a really dangerous city. There is not much to do in Baltimore activity wise


nothing, i came here not knowing what to expect and made the best out of it and i am glad that is the way it happend