Maryland Institute College of Art Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The acceptance of diversity is amazing. It does not matter what skin color you have or your sexual identity. Everyone accepts you and even celebrates diversity.


The fact that there are so many creative and hard working people in the area to continuouslly inspire you. People are always around to offer help and enliven your experience at MICA and all of that really contributes to your art practice. Also, there are so many resources available for students here to really form themselves as artists.


My school has a wonderful sense of community between both students and teachers. We support each other and learn from one another. I think that environment is a great place to learn and something I enjoy being a part of. I am also impressed by MICA's classes, and as an illustration major, I grow more and more excited to delve into my major as I see the work produced in this department. Galleries all over campus display student work, bringing us closer together and inspiring everyone.


The best thing about my school is the variety of classes and activities in which you can engage in. You can tailor your major into what you want to study, whether it be a mix of animation and printmaking or painting and graphic design. MICA strives to encourage the students' individuality.


MICA is the school that representatives from large companies such as Disney, Nickelodeon, and Pixar visit in order to search for talented students to recruit for jobs and internships. It sets a clear future path for individuals who plan on persuing a career in art related fields.


The knowledge passed on from teacher to student.


There is a great deal of freedom at MICA. They encourage you to grow as a person and develop the skills neccesary to compete in the modern art market.


The school is really a community. Students are supportive of one another, and the professors really care about their pupils.


I really love everything about it. The classes and teaching have really transformed me, though, into the best artist I have known myself to be. I am encouraged and inspired by the artwork by classmates and faculty around me and it is encouraged to show your work and be proud. It is the most fulfilling experience and it makes me love to go to class every day.


MICA is a great school because of all the resources availbale to the students and the impressive faculty that are available to guide you in your educational career.


The best thing about MICA is its intense studio classes. Many people might balk at the idea of a six hour class, but serious art students are able to make that commitment and focus on their work. The teachers are all professional artists so they know what it takes to break into the field. You can also get excellent feedback on your work from both your fellow students, as well as the staff. If you attend MICA, your portfolio will improve and you should have no trouble landing a job in the visual arts field.


The artistic environment is very inspiring and induces very creative thought and energy. The teachers, for the most part, are very encouraging and helpful in artistic development.


The communitee. MICA has a great communitee aspect to it (both academically and socially). As a freshman, you all live the same dorm area called the "Commons." It's great because it makes gettting knowing people a lot easier. MICA also has a kick ass orientation that really helps people come out of their shells or at least tries too. MICA really wants their students to be happy, which is why they spend so much time making sure that the student body is happy, which makes it a great environment to be in. Also generally, everyone is really nice.


A great city with a good deal of arts and culture


The best thing about MICA is most definately your peers. They give you feed back and have most likely been through similar situations as you have and are extremely supportive. Faculty is also very supportive and understanding.


Close nit classes


The city environment, the artistic community


resources and opportunities for aesthetic and theoretical conversation with people within my field, as well as faculty support as an upper-level student.


MICA is a college that promotes a creative, competative enviornment. It teaches students they have to work hard to get what they want, and strive to be the best in their field. MICA's way of teaching is more than just a school, it's a step between young adult and adult; it's a step between job and career. The best thing about MICA is that it teaches college students a way of life, a way to succeed.


The digital arts facilities at MICA are wonderful. There is also a very upbeat aditude on campus which makes learning fun (except for sometimes really early in the morning.)


Because it's considered to be one of the best art schools in the country, it draws in some of the most creative minds anyone will ever meet. The school is great as far as offering resources such as computer labs, big name visiting artists (Jeff Koons), and instructors who are professionals in their field. All of those things are great, but the thing that made MICA so special to me was the people. The atmosphere and community of artists allows your creativity to run wild. Just seeing what so many of your peers can do is a daily inspiration.


Personally I like the "smallness" of the school, it gives the school a more laid back feeling, there is more interaction in the the class room between peers that I would imagine be hard to find in a larger school. My highschool was huge the students were constanly getting jamed in together in the halls and stair ways and rushing to get to class, here there is much more breathing room and I feel less stressed getting to and returning from classes.


It's tough to say any one thing, but what sold me was the classes, the program, and the teachers of the major I wanted. I had been looking for a program that had at least one class in Character Development and at least some emphasis on fantasy/science fiction, or at least a tolerance for it. While I didn't want to limit myself to one genre, I wanted to be able to head towards my (present) career goals without being hampered by intolerant and overly traditional teachers. The teachers at my school are about the exact opposite.


The best thing about my school is that I'm able to learn about things that I was passionate about in high school, but never got to focus on 100%. I am able to learn about art and suceed in tapping into my creative potential. I have learned how to work with mediums of all sorts, including painting, drawing, textiles, even web design. I'm really interested in not only my studio classes but my liberal arts classes too. It has allowed me to express my true self through my art which has helped me deal with my core issues.