Marylhurst University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Brilliant, driven and supportive. My classmates are conscious and aware of creating a safe and open learning environment that is enclusive and engageing.


The classmates I've encountered have been friendly, outgoing, and helpful.


Engaged, curious, and talented students bridge a wide range of ages to the classrooms of Marylhurst.


Marylhurst University is unique because the learning environment is tailored to a wide variety of learning styles and age groups. many colleges and universities boast diversity, but all it takes is a visit to the campus to realize that they intentionally cater to a certain demographic. I find that Marylhurst offers a refreshingly serious approach to cultivating diversity. The student body ranges in age from late teens through retirement aged individuals in every class. The racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds of students and faculty also offer a wide variety of backgrounds and identities, which supports a vibrant learning environment.


My classmates are all extremely charismatic and well-rounded individuals that both challenge and inspire me as I learn about their unique backgrounds and their dedication to their education.


My classmates are encouraging, helpful, and inspirational.


I don't have classmates yet. I am starting Winter term 2010


Generally, Marylhurst students are single-minded, goal oriented, hard driven, non-traditional , students - adults who are returning to school to finish up a degree or earn a second degree in order to enrich their lives and to improve their careers.