Marylhurst University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


This is school is amazing at expanding your learning experiences and self thinking. It encourages deep intellectual thinking.


Marylhurst University is best known for having outstanding educators who have spent many years working in the very areas in which they teach. They are enthusiastic about both their particular field and teaching. This enthusiasm shows in the classroom, inspiring students in the educational process.


Although Marylhurst University welcomes and enrolls students of all ages, the programs are especially well suited to the adult learner. Many classes are offered evening, weekends or online, making it easy to work in a degree program around a full time work schedule. The school is also well known for small class sizes and most courses tend to consist of more small group discussion style learning rather than one-way lecture style learning.


Liberal arts


Marylhurst accepts, previous learning experiences in the workplace and assists the student in translating those skills into usable University credits. Marylhurst also accepts transfer credits and co-operates with other local colleges and universities to assist in the completion of the individual's education.


My school is best known for their openness to adult students. The institution challenges their students of every age group and background. They give every student the flexibility to spearhead their own education. They are also well-known for their ability to exemplify different learning styles within each student, and they cater to the needs of each individual allowing us to be challenged.


My school is best known for its commitment to returning adult students. The structure of the university makes it possible for full-time working adults to achieve quality higher education while at the same time supporting their families. I value the administration, the professors and advisors for being so dedicated to the progress of the students who are trying to juggle many aspects of life while bettering themselves and their future through degree oriented education.