Marylhurst University Top Questions

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Marylhurst has small classes, the teachers are personable and apply the lessons to personal experience. Marylhurst has a beautiful campus that is peaceful and calm. It doesn't matter what is going on in my life: as soon as I enter the campus everything feels better. You could say the grounds are sacred.


Marylhurst focuses on people that take education seriously. Many of the students are adult learners that have families and jobs and are looking for a different career or personal fulfillment. The most unique aspect about Marylhurst is that it is small and intimate and the instructors as well as those in the library, the business office and advising department know you by name. At Marylhurst the education experience is holistic, it is not just about getting a grade or degree; it is about obtaining knowledge that a person can use in their career and the rest of their lives.


Marylhurst University is unique in that it offers offer "experiential learning credits", which reflect learning that students gained from "real life" experiences. As a student who has had to pay my own way through college, with many sleepless nights dedicated to homework as a full time employee in a professional career simultaneously, I really appreciated this opportunity to gain credit for my life experiences. I find that this opportunity enables people who may not have been financially able to pay for their education without also working, a chance to gain credit for this hard work and dual-focused time commitment.


At Marylhurst you are encouraged to think outside the box and to do the best that you can. This school has allowed me to schedule classes around my needs. I am able to take weekend intensive courses on a regular basis as well as online courses when needed. Before Marylhust University I had never attended a school where every student felt cared about and that they can make a difference in the classroom.