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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


As a thirty-three year old woman attending her tenth college in fifteen years, I would stress to the younger me that learning is a life-long pursuit. After receiving an Associate's degree in film in1998, I went on to have a succesful and fulfilling career as a camera person in Hollywood. My high school self was very driven and sure of what she wanted, which made that education and career possible. As an adult starting on a second career and Bachelor's degree in environmental science, I would remind my high school self that a person cannot be defined by one passion or professional trajectory and to embrace the Renaissance human inside everyone. Although globalization has led to highly specific skill sets being valued economically above all, we need to remember our humanity and the complexity of our lives and not define ourselves by our most prevalent interests as eighteen year olds. Lastly, I would advise my young self to not be afraid to make mistakes, as this is the best way that I learn.


Mary, don't be an idiot. You are talented in math and science and those are the fields of study that will guarantee you the best opportunities in the work place. You care about the environment, and in the future, the environment is going to need smart, responsible people like you to find ways to conserve resources and improve sources of renewable energy. Yes, you love music and you are a talented musician and singer, but don?t put yourself and music on some dreamy-eyed pedestal that you are bound to fall off of sooner or later. Music can always be an important part of your life, but it will be very difficult for you to find a job with which you can support yourself and your family, if needed. Go Environmental Science and Math! Be pioneer women and discover solutions to pollution.