Marylhurst University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The classes at Marylhurst are interesting and small. The instructors are well educated and interested in each student as an individual. The campus is beautiful and serene.


I love that my school CARES to a degree where I don't feel like an anonymous cog in the system. There is a genuinely authentic warm heartedness to Marylhurst that I haven't found in other schools. I'm a transfer student from a major state school, where I felt swept up in the sea of identities. At Marylhurst, I feel like I'm an individual, as important and unique as my colleagues.


When I was very young, my Father would often say 'word of mouth is the best advertisement'. I believed it then and I believe it even more, now. I have held two careers, raised two children and through it all ran a string of consistent mumblings about the nurturing culture at Marylhurst. They needn't spend a dime on marketing materials. They embrace, encourage and inspire you to explore all that is available as their student. Past and current Maryhlhurst students have carried on my Fathers' words of wisdom and their respective positive experiences continue strengthening the unique Marylhurst institution.


The beautiful campus fosters a contemplative environment. Marylhurst encourages deep introspection, but then it always redirects its students' attention outward again - to make the world a better place for all. Inside the buildings, students are warm and readily share. The teachers and staff are willing (and capable!), offering guidance with practical suggestions to make my education more focused and meaningful. Catering to adult learners, the school allows great freedom to structure my degree program to fit my specific needs. They respect my maturity and then hold me to the high standards one would expect of an adult.


Marylhurst University prides itself on having an expansive Fine Arts Program that includes Interior Design. Each class in most programs have a very small student teacher ratio. This provides a better way to establish relationships between student and teachers and therfore I believe that students are more successful in their field of study than at larger institutions. Due to smaller classes students are able to get the feedback they deserve on the projects they are working on and deepen their interest in their field of study. Faculty also typically work in the professional world and offer that first hand experience.


Oh, the beauty of the university campus is the first thing I talk about. The grounds are beautiful, peaceful, inspiring. The second thing I always talk about is how welcoming and helpful the professors are at the university, they encourage learning. The third thing I talk about are the classes. They ask us to have an open mind to the world and its people and to welcome learning into our world, for life. I have nothing but gratitude for the confidence Marylhurst University has given me.


Frequent performance opportunities. Small classes with a personal feeling. Professors know you by name!