Marylhurst University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The typical college scene portrayed in Hollywood is not even attainable here. This is a commuter school with very serious students. No sports or rallies.


Marylhurst is best suited for the adult learner. This university takes education very seriously and it is not a place for young people just getting out of high school to get the typical ?college experience?. The maturity and motivational levels of the students at Marylhurst are high and a person expecting to ?jump through hoops? anonymously to get a degree will be surprised. The teacher student ratio is good, and the instructors actually know all their students. The population that would not fit in at Marylhurst are those expecting keggars and tailgate parties; this just doesn?t happen at Marylhurst.


Marylhurst University is for serious students who are committted to their education with a hunger for learning in general. Those who are not interested in true personal growth through education may be better suited at another institution. I would recommend any people who are averse to writing will want to choose to attend a different college. I believe one who is seeking a diploma without doing the work associated with earning a Liberal Arts degree will have a difficult time earning passing grades at Marylhurst.


If a person is not quite sure what their educational or professional goals are, they might not want to begin attending Marylhurst University at first. A person needs a clear goal for their future before enrolling.


Students who are looking forward to filling in the bubbles of Scantron tests and memorizing countless terms should look elsewhere. If a student wants the traditional hum drum college life, then Marylhurst is definitely not for them. Marylhurst students are required to think critically about the material presented, challenge it, and to develop their own ideas through reflection. This is not, however, as easy as it sounds.


Maybe someone who likes a social, big and open campus.


This is a very conservative school, with a lot of older students. In a way it is geared towards older students. If your are looking to be a party hound this is not the school for you.


Any person who feels that they should be at a school that doesn't notice if you are attending class or not. I ahve classes that will set up a chair for you even if you are not there that night for class. The reason- they want the energy in the class to be the same even if you are unable to make it to class one night. I love that!!! If a person wants to party, this is no tthe school for them.