Marylhurst University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The limited amount of courses offered, including the times and the terms they are offered can be challanging for a full schedule.




Honestly, it is just because it is far away form me, but that is not there problem an dthey offer online classes. I guess the only other thing is the expense. Its an expencive school but not much more then other schools. I do wish that they offered more comprhensive finacial advising and assesing, but it is more then I have gotten else where and I have attened four colleges. Marylhurst really does try, and succeds they work for the student. They are amazing.


The most frustrating thing about studying at Marylhurst is that classes are ocassionally cancelled for low enrollment. This can sometimes make it tough to stay on track with a pre-thought out plan.


We get our financial aid checks in the third week of the term. It would be great to get them earlier.


I am in the Accelerated Online Business program and it's wonderful the only frusterating thing is not having the face to face communication with students and professors, however the delivery method, availablity, and great classes all out weigh the one frusterating area.


I would say the most frustrating thing is that a lot of Art classes are only offered during the day. I have little to no frustrations with my school, but I was frustrated this term because the bookstore was only open during my work hours (8-5) so I could not purchase books in the store before the term started.


That I can't be on campus more often and my advisor never calls me back or has helped me ever. sometimes I don't know what to do I ave thought about changing schools.


It does not have a football team.


Marylhurst is limited in the number of graduate programs they offer. They need to offer a MA in English and an MFA in creative writing. Most of the students who have earned their bachelor's degree in English Literature and Writing would stay at Marylurst for their graduate degree if they could.